What perspective does Scientology have on Christianity?

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1. What does religious studies have to do with theology?

Religious studies is not a theology, but a cultural science. We deal with Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. from a religious studies perspective. We also deal with Hinduism, Buddhism, new religious movements such as Scientology and the question “What is religion?”.
It is precisely this confrontation with theoretically all religions (without formulating a theological point of view) that distinguishes religious studies from theology.

2. Is it possible to study religious studies to become a teacher?

No, unfortunately not, because at the moment religious studies are not planned as a school subject. Please send complaints to the Ministry of Education ;-)

3. What career prospects does the study of religious studies offer?

With a degree in religious studies one is qualified in many professional fields. However, the career prospects also depend on the second subject and, if necessary, on the specialization in the Master's.

Here are some possible fields you could end up in:

  • Journalism / television / radio etc.
  • PR work
  • Archive and museum work
  • Advisory function for various companies
  • Peace and Conflict Research
  • Research and Teaching
  • Intercultural work
  • Etc.

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