What is the use of silver

Silver - what is it?


Silver is a chemical element and is shown in the periodic table with the abbreviation Ag marked. It is one of the classic Precious and heavy metals.

Silver is a soft and easily malleable metal. It has the highest electrical conductivity of all elements and also the highest thermal conductivity of metals.

Silver - origin and history

Silver has been around since then 5th millennium BC Chr. used. At that time it was mostly extracted in the mines of Laurion, which were about 50 kilometers from Athens. At times, silver was even considered more valuable than gold. It used to be among the Egyptians as well Moon metal known. In the Middle Ages, more and more silver ore deposits were discovered. The largest silver production at that time was in Schwaz, Austria.

Later there was more and more common Silver exporters, especially the Spanish and Japanese. But due to the sharp increase in supply and gold as a currency metal, the economic importance of the value of silver declined. Today the global demand for silver is increasing again as it can be used well in many areas. For example, it is becoming more and more important in the electrical industry.

Silver - properties and appearance

According to its physical properties, silver is one of the Heavy metals. It is soft and stretchy and can do best of all metals Conduct heat and electricity.

The appearance of silver ore, which has just been mined, is reminiscent of granite. If silver has already been processed, it is more likely to have one white, brilliant shine.

Silver - use

Silver is used in many different fields these days:

  • Investments
  • Jewellery
  • photography
  • Furniture industry
  • Electrical industry
  • chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

One of the earliest and oldest uses of silver was as a means of payment. Today it is only used for certain purposes in this area Investment used. Silver is mostly in the field today Jewellery common and known. Due to its properties as an electrical conductor, silver is also in the fields Electrical industry and chemistry very popular. Silver as a color is found, among other things, in the Furniture industry a lot of use. This is how beds, for example, have silver or silver feet Ornaments on headboards much more elegant and modern. Silver is also used as an additive in upholstery fabrics, e.g. as part of the Silverprotect technology.