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Activate the hidden developer options on Android

By Adrian Mühlroth | April 10, 2021, 12:27 p.m.

Many prefer Google's Android operating system because it offers numerous customization options. With a trick, you can even get access to the developer options and make even more changes to the system.

Every smartphone with Android has so-called developer options, which are supposed to help programming apps. As of Android version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), these options are no longer visible by default. TECHBOOK shows you how you can still get full access to your smartphone.

Unlock the developer options

In order to activate the developer options, you have to select the menu item on newer Android versions Over the phone look in the settings.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page to find the entry Build number to find. Tap the seven times in a row Build number and the message "You are now a developer" appears.

Now go back to the Android settings and select the menu item system. Click there Extended and then scroll down to the entry Developer options to find.

For older Android versions, you have to go to the AndroidSettings first the menu item Over the phone select and then the entry Software info to open. There you can find the Build number. Click on it seven times until the message “You are now a developer” appears. The Developer options should now appear as a new entry directly in the Android settings.

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What do the developer options bring?

You can change numerous system settings in the developer options:

  1. If the operating system reacts too slowly, you can deactivate animations, for example, to speed up transitions.
  2. If you have a high-end smartphone, you can force so-called multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA). This can be used to improve the graphics in 3D games.
  3. If your smartphone uses too much power, it can help to limit or even prevent the background processes.

Be careful with the settings

In and of itself, experimenting with the developer options is not a security risk. If changing a setting causes any unusual behavior on your smartphone, the developer options can be deactivated and reset with one click. However, you should be careful with the USB debugging option. With the wrong settings, it can give strangers access to your smartphone if it is connected to a PC via USB.

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