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"Bringing glass is prohibited!" is the first thing I read when I found the entrance to the Herrengarten in Darmstadt. This is a bit inconvenient, because in my pocket there are screw jars with broccoli curry cream, radish leaf and walnut pesto, ginger and lentil spread and salad dressing for one of more than 500 plastic-free protest picnicswhich will take place on June 16 all over Germany. The other participants apparently also did not know about the ban, because gradually more and more jars filled with delicacies such as guacamole, fresh peas from the garden, paprika strips, trail mix and jelly beans are spreading out on our picnic blankets. Fortunately, nobody is bothered by it, not even the policemen, who only find us after a few laps around the park, as we had registered the event with the city administration a bit larger than it ultimately turned out to be. Or maybe they just had never seen such a leisurely protest.

Our protest against the single-use plastic flood may not be big or loud, but together with hundreds of people across the country we have helped to send a strong signal for a plastic-free world. The large selection of our colorfully thrown together buffet is in any case the perfect proof that doing without single-use plastic in no way leads to empty refrigerators or picnic baskets. Colorfully mixed spreads and vegetables are accompanied by bread and homemade rolls, a wide variety of salads, fruit harvested in the garden and a freshly baked cherry cake.

For good food there is good conversation from Andreas and Dominik vonPoetry Slam Wetterau, the thematically appropriate texts from their book “Poetry Slam Wetterau - the second book. Texts on Nature ”. During short digestive breaks, we listen to her thought-provoking and humorous contributions about plastic bags, wind turbines, utopias and the gods' crisis meeting on the problems of people on earth. The poetry slammers not only provide answers to the questions of what Neptune and Poseidon have considered in terms of hydropower and where you could put wind turbines so that they don't ruin the view in the Wetterau, but also show beautifully how to get creative and can deal with environmental issues in a poetic way. Andreasis also very active in everyday life for the environment and has been trying not only for our campaign, but for years to live as plastic-free as possible. At the protest picnic, he not only shares his texts with us, but also reveals his recipe for plastic-free chocolate cream.

In the form of ours Plastic alternative memories we have also brought back ideas on how to replace single-use plastic in everyday life. The little picnic visitors, for whom we are also happy, are particularly happy about this "PIWI and the plastic soup" and "Plastian, the little fish" have in their luggage. Both picture books explain the plastic problem clearly for children and are also well received by the adult protest picnickers.

When the preserving jars are emptied in the evening, we roll up our spontaneously painted banner again and we agree that engagement has never tasted better.