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Finding fun at work again: This is how the joy of the job returns

Lack of motivation in the job is something that very many people know. For some, the joy of work disappears after a few years of constant routine, for others it may never have occurred. With these simple tips and tricks you can find fun at work again - or maybe for the first time.

How can work be fun?

In order to find fun at work again, you should first ask yourself why you have lost the joy of work. It can do that many reasons give - and correspondingly many possibilities to counteract it. Once you have identified the cause, it will be easier for you to climb out of the motivation hole. We would like to present some typical examples here.

Here's how you can enjoy your work again:

  • Eliminate conflicts in the workplace

    Unresolved conflicts are a motivational killer in the workplace. It is not uncommon for the course of the conflict to lead to the tensions that have built up seem insoluble. But this is not the case. Find the conversation and, if necessary, involve an innocent person. You can use these tips to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

  • Strengthen team spirit

    The much-invoked team spirit not only has the effect that goals can be achieved better, but above all it has positive effects on the working atmosphere. Together you are not only stronger, together it is also more fun - this also applies to work. Promote team spirit in a targeted manner or initiate this with your boss in order to find fun at work again.

  • set goals

    Are you hopelessly under-challenged and deadly bored of your job? You can also do something about this without having to change jobs. Motivate yourself, for example, by setting goals for your work. What would you like to achieve? Where do you want to go with your work? In addition, if you have too much free time in the office - there is also that - you can look for new tasks ... just think around the corner and you will surely come up with something.

  • Minimize stress

    In order to find fun at work again, everyday work must not be determined by stress. Externally determined or self-inflicted pressure to perform, too high a workload and a never-ending flood of deadlines not only lead to frustration, in the long run this stress also makes you sick. Here you will find valuable tips against stress. It is also very effective to take a little vacation to everyday life - it is easier and more effective than you might think.

  • Intelligent division of labor

    Do you have a pleasure killer, a specific task during the day that reliably takes away the joy of work? Perhaps it is possible to get rid of this very task. Think about whether you have colleagues with whom you can swap certain tasks. What takes away some fun at work, others do with joy! Find out. And if this measure leads to a better working atmosphere and more motivation, the boss cannot object.

Finding fun at work again is possible. It is important that you become aware of the problem and take active action against it - that's half the battle. We look forward to your tips and suggestions!

Photo source: (c) iStockphoto.com/Deagreez