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Sustainable funding projects

Scherzer Vegetables CO2-neutrally heated greenhouses

"Growing fresh vegetables of the best quality and taking organic plant protection into account" - that is the philosophy of "Scherzer Gemüse", a family business from Nuremberg with a long tradition in vegetable growing. The company covers 7 hectares of greenhouse space in Nuremberg and 10.5 hectares in Dinkelsbühl. The greenhouse in Dinkelsbühl with a biomass cogeneration plant even generates CO2- neutrally heated. The Rentenbank and the United Savings Banks Ansbach “Scherzer Gemüse” supported these sustainable projects as financiers.

Backensholzer Hof Organic dairy farming

The Backensholzer Hof is a family-run dairy farm in Oster-Ohrstedt in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. Since 1989 the farm has been managed according to Bioland guidelines. In 1991 the production of raw milk cheese began in the farm's own cheese dairy. A biogas plant was built eleven years later. Finally, a new cubicle free stall, a calf shed and a new slurry tank were added, which was financed with the help of VR Bank Flensburg-Schleswig eG as part of our “Sustainability” program. The Metzger-Petersen brothers are already making further plans for the future.

Laying hen keeping HartmannMobile hen house

Dennis Hartmann, managing director of the Hartmann farm shop in Brandau, Hesse, invested in his first mobile chicken coop in 2014. This mobile stable has a bedroom, water and feed tank. The power supply is ensured by a photovoltaic system. The chickens are out in the fresh air a lot. You can dust and sunbathe and have access to meadows at any time during the day. For this, Dennis Hartmann received the Hessian animal welfare award in 2017. The project was funded through our "Sustainability" program at our particularly favorable "Top Conditions" together with Volksbank Modau eG.

Hof Klein-Hessling Conventional pig farming

Hendrik Klein-Heßling is a dynamic successor to the company in Rhede in the Münsterland region. Together with his parents, he runs piglet rearing and pig fattening in a closed system and operates according to the criteria of the Animal Welfare Initiative. The feed for the pigs is grown on our own land. In order to offer his pigs as much variety as possible, he himself researches different employment opportunities and thus increases animal welfare. Together with Volksbank Rhede eG, as a member of the Animal Welfare Initiative, he was able to finance the construction of the new barn in the “Sustainability” program of Rentenbank under “top conditions”.

Energiepark Hümmling community wind farm

In the municipality of Lorup, a wind farm with an investment sum of approx. 150 million euros was completed. The 23 systems in total have an output of around 90 megawatts. The project was planned as a community wind farm and the costs were distributed among the individual limited partners: The shareholders are citizens from Lorup and the surrounding area, Raiffeisenbank Lorup eG as well as the municipality of Lorup and the city of Werlte. The initiative to set up the wind farm came from Raiffeisenbank Lorup eG, which financed the project with the help of other financing partners such as DZ Bank at particularly favorable "top conditions".

Vulkanhof SchifferingsConventional dairy farming

A generation change is pending at the Vulkanhof in Birresborn in the Eifel: Father Manfred Schifferings still holds the reins, but his daughter Heike Schifferings will soon take over the farm as the young successor to the company. With this planning security behind them, the Schifferings family recently built a new box playpen with 120 spaces. For this purpose, two automatic milking robots were installed, a new slurry tank was built and a mixer feeder was purchased. The Rentenbank supported together with the Volksbank Eifel eG the animal welfare construction with their "top conditions".