Could a wrecking ball destroy a tank

Wrecking Ball Game

  • Do I like the game? Well, that's a bit difficult to eat. On the one hand I am supposed to tear down all the buildings, on the other hand the demolition equipment does not seem to hold me out. I give zero points for this. Sorry

  • I'm at a loss for this game too. With buttons 8 and 2 I can drive the demolition vehicle forwards or backwards. But how do you use the wrecking ball? A solution video is unfortunately not available either…. Too bad.

  • You can't move the press spindle, it moves by itself and always moves

  • It is a shame that the last level cannot be made ... the crane arm always hits. There is not enough space after the descent, the crane arm always touches the mountain !?

  • that's shit that you can't move the wrecking ball

  • Completed all 10 levels in 3 hours with Gedild and Spit. Yes, the 10th is tough, but it can be done ;-)