Where can I get all the lyrics

Show Spotify lyrics: Show lyrics and sing along - that's how it works

With the Spotify app for Android and iOS you can display lyrics so you can read and sing while listening to music. In the Genius info box you will not only find the Spotify lyrics, but also interesting background information on your favorite songs.

Thanks to a partnership with Genius, Spotify will show you the lyrics of certain songs if you wish. You read this live while a song is playing and you also get interesting information about the background and circumstances under which the work was created. However, since the feature is still relatively new, it is only available in English in the Android and iOS versions. In addition, the lyrics database is not yet fully developed, so so far you can only find lyrics for very well-known songs by successful artists.

Show Spotify Lyrics - It's that easy

Install the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet. You do not need to take out a paid premium subscription. The free standard version is sufficient to display lyrics. As soon as you have registered, proceed as follows:

  1. Find a song whose lyrics you want to read along.
  2. Press Play and scroll all the way down on the playback screen.
  3. There you may find a window with the title Lyrics / stories. The lyrics and interesting background information are alternately displayed here.

You can do this if Spotify isn't displaying lyrics

Since the Genius database does not cover all songs that Spotify makes available, you will often be left behind, especially with lesser-known artists. However, we came up with a detour that you can still use to get the lyrics you want if necessary:

  1. Install a lyrics app like SoundHound or Musixmatch.
  2. Play your song loudly through the smartphone speaker.
  3. Switch to the lyrics app, but keep Spotify running in the background so it doesn't stop playing.
  4. Activate the automatic song recognition. Now the app should show you the song text within seconds.

Don't have a lyrics app? Here you will find the three best lyrics apps in the test.