What are some creative brunch recipes

The brunch - a nice combination of breakfast and lunch

If you can't decide between late breakfast and early lunch on a Sunday, you might want to try brunch! Brunch is ideal to meet everyone's taste with many different little things.

What is a brunch?

The term “brunch” means the combination of “breakfast” and “lunch”, i.e. a combination of elements from breakfast and lunch. This type of buffet was created in England as early as the 18th century. Even then, the British tended to add some hearty delicacies and recipes to their otherwise rather light breakfast, consisting of tea and toast.

But the brunch has another advantage: Since such an event usually takes place on Sundays and not in the early morning hours, you could at least stay in bed a little longer on this one day of the week and then beat breakfast and lunch with one stone .

Brunch: Delicious, creative and stress-free

If you invite guests whose preferences are unknown to you, you will always hit the mark with a brunch buffet. And when every guest contributes a little something or two, both the work and the pleasure have been divided up and a colorful mixture has been conjured up. A harmonious selection of sweet and savory recipes is typical for brunch.

On the one hand, there should be no lack of typical breakfast dishes such as muesli, rolls, jam and egg dishes, on the other hand, there should be spicy delicacies on the buffet. Because brunch always includes numerous elements of lunch.

These can be smart snacks, finger food, antipasti and small warm meals, so that overall a nice mix of recipes for breakfast and lunch is created. Of course, the brunch should suit your personal taste, but there are brunch recipes that have proven themselves and are always delicious. Anything that tastes good is allowed.

There are no limits to creativity at brunch. Food blogger Luisa Weiss serves bacon with maple syrup with buttermilk brioches on her channel on Chefkoch.de. A great combination!

Of: Luisa Weiss, Length: 5 minutes 57 seconds

Seasonal or as a motto party

Of course, you can also arrange your brunch according to the season and the appropriate seasonal products and recipes: in spring there are fresh strawberries, rhubarb cakes and maypots, in summer you serve cool, refreshing drinks, salads and quark dishes, in autumn pear tart and pumpkin salad and in winter baked apples with marzipan, hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.

Every season has its own delicacies for a suitable brunch buffet.

What is a brunch?

  • classic brunch with rolls and spreads
  • easy brunch with muesli and fruit
  • Soups, stews, snacks and Co.
  • Coffee variations, healthy shakes and sparkling wine

Hearty and incredibly tasty

The basic ingredient of every buffet is, of course, a diverse combination of bread and rolls that you can easily bake yourself. Serves with spreads that you also like personally for breakfast. Fresh marmalade and jam, Nutella or honey always go well.

Just as many fans have hearty cold cuts. A cheese platter is a must, because cheese is always delicious and goes well with breakfast as well as an appetizer in between. For those who don't like sweet desserts, a nice selection of cheeses rounds off the meal.

Sausage and ham, and smoked salmon, should also be part of a nice brunch.

Yes, after who comes to visit, it makes sense to offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Vegetarian spreads are ideal here. Dips are also the favorites of every buffet, because they are a great recipe idea together with colorful vegetable sticks.

Of course, these spreads do not have to have been made in your own kitchen, but the selection of recipe ideas is large and many of these sweet and savory delicacies are very easy to prepare and have a long shelf life.

Relaxed light brunch with muesli and fruit

For those who like it a little easier in the morning, muesli, milk and yoghurt with fruit should of course not be forgotten. Fruits in all shapes and colors also enrich a brunch buffet. The vitamin bombs cut a great figure on their own or as a juicy fruit salad.

The brunch classics are eggs in every imaginable form: simply boiled, as scrambled eggs, poached as eggs benedict, filled or pickled as egg salad. Eggs bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch like hardly any other food and are therefore predestined for use at brunch.

Doesn't fit, doesn't exist!

In addition to these typical recipe ideas that are served for breakfast, there are also delicacies such as soups, stews, snacks and finger food in all imaginable variations that make your brunch a delicious highlight.

Luisa serves the obligatory eggs in the form of herb frittata at her brunch. There is also Bloody Mary. Sounds unusual - but it fits perfectly. Convince yourself!

Of: Luisa Weiss, Length: 4 minutes 49 seconds

Salads are also a must for every brunch buffet. Regardless of whether it's the popular classic recipes for lettuce, pasta and potato salads or an original summer salad with rice, couscous or bulgur: Salads are easy to prepare and taste great as a side dish or between two courses. They can often inspire even more the next day, when all the ingredients have been pulled through again.

Even if brunch defies all the rules of breakfast and lunch: Finally, don't forget to offer cakes and desserts. In addition to the popular varieties such as fruit cakes and sheet cakes, trendy small sweets such as cupcakes, cake pops and macarons are guaranteed to meet with enthusiasm.

Healthy shakes and sparkling pleasure

Coffee and tea should be included with every brunch. Juice and water are ideal, as both drinks can be enjoyed neat and are also ideally suited to mixing individual juice spritzers with them.

Delicious shakes, soft drinks, smoothies and lemonades are welcome for brunch. A sparkling wine is also allowed at brunch. Or how about a cocktail, like with Luise Weiss?

This already provides a solid framework for your brunch. This mixture can now be enhanced with selected cold and warm recipes. We have put together recipe ideas for cold and warm delicacies that enrich every brunch.

Recipes for cold brunch delicacies