What is included in an author style

Tips and tricks for a concise writing style

How Much Write?

Often applicants do not know how detailed they should answer a question in an application document. The answer is: not too much and not too little. This answer probably doesn't really help you. So here are a few tips on how to find the right amount:

  • In general, the motto is: less is more! It is better to write three to four paragraphs of text when answering a question, if you can accommodate all your thoughts on the topic in it, than digging long digressions teeming with repetition.
  • If there are guidelines for the maximum number of words or characters, then use them as a guide. If the specification is "maximum 5,000 characters", then the encoder is probably expecting a slightly longer text. Then you shouldn't just write two sentences.
  • Never exceed the character limit.
  • Any relevant question in an application document should be adequately answered. One sentence alone is not enough.
  • If you have a successful application template, use it as a guide to how your predecessors did it.

Note: Reviewers love applications that contain the maximum amount of information in as short, understandable and descriptive a form as possible.