Should we hate Korean dramas

What do Koreans think of Germany?

If you have found your way to us and are reading this text, it means that we share the same passion: South Korea. Some time ago when the K-dramas came to us in Germany, they fascinated us Otherness of these series and year after year, the fan base here in German-speaking countries is growing. K-Pop is playing more and more in the apartments and even on the TV music channels there is a K-Pop song every now and then. In the news it will South Korea often with North Korea mistaken. It was frightening to read that in a newspaper Pjeongjang all of a sudden even that Capital of South Korea has been.

We know better and are always eager to learn more about the country. But what do the South Koreans think and know about Germany? I ask that every time I am greeted with joy and the word Togil (Germany) is uttered. People laugh or grin widely and I hear statements like “hardworking people” or “honest people”.

What do the Koreans really think?

We asked and handed out questionnaires in Seoul and Busan. At this point I would like to thank Mr. Kim and Ms. Choi, who did research for me in Yonsei University (Seoul) and in Busan.

(We received answers on the basis of a questionnaire and only wrote down and summarized the most frequent statements. Of course, one cannot speak for the whole country and all statements only refer to the number of people surveyed in Korea. It is only intended to give a first impression to get.)

Does Korea know Germany?

The first thing we asked if the Koreans Germany know at all. Then came a clear one YES. Not everyone would be able to mark Germany on the map immediately, but it is not unknown in South Korea. Part of German history is taught in schools and you can German learn as a foreign language. At universities can German to be studied. There actually are too German clubs at high schools and German learning groups / courses and Correspondence courses. That explains why Koreans can suddenly sing German folk songs in the middle of the street.

What do Koreans think / think of us Germans?

  • Germany is a great role model because they have managed to unite the East and West. (written very often)
  • Very hardworking and punctual people.
  • Germany has a dark and a light side. You fought the dark side and apologized. That shows greatness.
  • Germany is a smart country, they know how to move the country forward and rebuild it.
  • Germans are very friendly people, but too perfectionist / too serious.

What is the first thing Koreans think about when they see Germany Listen?

  • East and West Union
  • German sausage (how funny!)
  • German branded products
  • seriousness
  • German literature
  • Classical music
  • pasta

What is typical German for Koreans?

  • German sausage and German beer (was named the most)
  • honesty
  • Classical music
  • Good quality of the products

Have you (the respondents) been to Germany or do you want to go there one day?

  • 30% of the respondents have been to Germany for at least one day at least once.
  • Most of them would like to go to Germany. The most famous cities are Munich, Hamburg and Berlin.

I found the statements very interesting and I enjoyed dealing with this topic. That's why I kept looking.

On the trail of Germany, in Korea

German in Korea

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of every German word I came across in Korea, but I still found a few. Here are German products or business names in Seoul and Jeju.

German in K-Dramas

The German language also appears again and again in the K-dramas and music videos. There is one scene that is very surprising and memorable Love Rain. If we are honest, there are only a few of us who are still familiar with German folk songs. Or?

On my first trip to Korea, I met a nice elderly gentleman at Deoksungung (palace) on Sunday morning, who greeted me and wanted to know where I was from. When I said Germany, he was delighted to sing a German folk song loudly and in the street. And that wasn't the only situation. Amazing that you can also find German folk songs in the K-Drama.

It's not just German songs that we find in K-dramas. There are even locations on German / Austrian soil and the film The Berlin Filethat was filmed in Germany. The drama Spring Waltz from the Endless Love series (also Four seasons series) starts in Austria and contains a lot of German. But the German language is not only found in the older series.
In the newer series Hide and Seek the German anthem is played in the reception hall before the wedding. What a surprise.

In the series Go back couple you also see something unexpected. When the two married protagonists wake up during their university days, one of them is on the bus the next day. There, the main protagonist's first great love carries an Edeka pouch as a bag. Who is right with that? Sometimes you can also see the German flag printed on clothing, such as in the series Who are you.

German in the K-POP

Ultimately, there are more and more K-Pop bands like Infinite, B.A.P or BTS that find their way to Germany. In order to inspire your fans here, the hard-working singers practice the German language. I think it's great that they try hard to learn.

We are pleased that Germany is apparently not entirely unknown in South Korea. What do you think of that? Did you notice something? Did you have a similar experience on your travels? Write to me in the comments.