What lessons have you learned from working abroad?

Working abroad: training under palm trees.

Then I'll be gone: partially complete the training abroad.

According to the law, you have the right to spend a maximum of a quarter of your training time abroad. With a three-year apprenticeship you can get to know the way of working in a company in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Amsterdam for nine months. Prerequisite: The stay abroad serves your training goal.

If you complete dual training, it usually collides with your vocational school - this means that you have to catch up on the missed material after your return and clarify your leave of absence in advance. Your training company continues to pay your salary, but you have to pay for your living costs yourself. Funding programs such as Leonardo da Vinci can help you with this.

It is important that the stay abroad is recorded in your training contract and that the content, goals and duration of your stay abroad are documented in the so-called Europass. So you are on the safe side, as your international experiences are officially recorded. In addition, you have to continue your report book.

During the time that you spend abroad, you will usually continue to be insured through the German social security system, but this must be confirmed by the health insurance company in advance. It also makes sense to find out about any supplementary insurance.