How do I write short speeches

Writing a short speech: How to use the MOSE tactic

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It's an old journalist school trick. When editors write a report on an event, they often use the MOSE tactic. As a speaker, you too can use this simple trick that will allow you to cope with even the most difficult tasks.

This is how the MOSE tactic works
Why is the tactic called MOSE? Very easily! Structure the structure of your speech



S.ituation and


Advantages for you as a speaker: Forego a manuscript!
Thank you
It is uncomfortable for speakers to put a paper in the lecture
To hold hands. The MOSE tactic is simple and serves as a donkey bridge.
You have your hands free during your speech, you can gesticulate or
but "hold on" to a drink.

Example of the MOSE tactic: Speech by a club chairman
A club member celebrates his 25th anniversary. The task of the chairman - a doer but not a fan of big words - is to give a short speech on the anniversary and thus provide the appropriate framework for the event. He structured his short speech using the MOSE tactic as follows.

M.human: Coach of the youth team
Brief introduction of the person and the activity in the association

Ort: Clubhouse
A few sentences about the locality (status as a place of commonality)

S.ache: Congratulations
How important and nice it is to be able to celebrate anniversaries in the club again and again

E.event: 25 years of membership
Explanations about achievements and merits of the member

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