Is Crizal Prevencia scratch resistant

Overview of the finishes and their properties

Crizal Forte UV:

We recommend our customers Crizal Forte, the best surface refinement in everyday life.

  • best reflex reduction
  • best scratch resistance
  • best cleanability

Crizal Prevencia:

Eyeglass lenses with Crizal Prevencia reduce harmful blue-violet light and dangerous UV radiation through an integrated blue filter.

Optifog UV:

The technology against fogged up glasses. Regular activation by Smart Textile required
(Starter set is included with new orders).

Crizal Alizé UV:

... is easier to clean and stays clean longer than other finishes.

Crizal Easy UV:

The inexpensive alternative protects against reflections, scratches and UV radiation.

Crizal Sun UV:

Premium class anti-reflective solar control glass.

  • reduces the UV rays reflected from the back of the lens into the eye.
  • protects your glasses against scratches, dirt and dust.
  • Eliminates over 99% of reflections from the back and optimizes outdoor vision.