What's the best action movie ever

The best action films of all time

Do you want to know from us what good action films are?

Wow, making a complete list like this is next to impossible. Almost every film affects the action genre in some way, which makes a precise definition almost impossible. And tastes are also different, so it is not easy to objectively list the best action films. For us, good action films are those in which, if not to say, the action is a prominent feature the Feature is. We were interested in films in which the classic "tough guy" is acted out, for example buddy movies and everything that cracks and rattles.

Although we have selected some of the best action films for us, we do not claim to be exhaustive.

We also focused on grouping ranks together. If a film stands for several parts, we will deal with them specifically. The list is more of a loose enumeration and recommendation, while we have deliberately avoided comic book adaptations with a few exceptions, even if they generally offer a very high proportion of action. The best MarvelFilms we introduce you individually and the best comic adaptations from DC Comics Of course we also have it on offer.

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