How does it feel to work abroad?

5 signs working abroad is exactly your thing

Every time you go to a different country you think it would be cool to live there

If this is the case? If so, then maybe you should really live there! It doesn't have to be forever, but you could start with an internship for a few months. There are several ways to work abroad on a temporary basis. A few months are enough to gain new experience and to see if your dreamland should rather remain a vacation destination.

You feel like you need a change to be happy

Are you living the exact life you always dreamed of? You go to the same office ... do the same things ... every day ... for how many years have you been? If that's what you want, perfect. If you are more of the people who regularly need something new in their life, that won't make you happy in the long run. Moving your furniture or constant shopping doesn't change that. Maybe it is Time for a bigger change... and new furniture.

You join all international groups on social networks

Do you spend half of your day on Facebook and looking for expat groupsto collect information, where you should best move and which jobs abroad are really worth it? Maybe you have already found the city of your dreams and you know all about it. Or have you wondered whether it is better to move to Paris or Lyon? Or rather Barcelona or Madrid; Rome or Milan?