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Environmental law in Germany: laws and standards for environmental protection

The Environmental law includes all laws and norms that the environmental Protection are useful. Mankind is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious - especially the Climate protection and Pollution of the world's oceans are topics that have become more and more important in recent years. Because it changes environment, the lives of people on earth are also changing.

For this reason, the environment must be protected. Numerous Laws ensure in Germany that people become one responsible handling forced with the environment and disciplined in the event of violations. The Environmental law is not a clearly defined area of ​​law. Rather, all are under this term Legal norms summarized, the aim of the environment to protect.

But which one Areas of law and Laws includes that Environmental law in Germany exactly and what do they include? What regulations are there in European and international environmental law? What does an environmental law attorney do? These questions are to be clarified in the following.

What environmental laws are there in Germany?

All Environmental laws and standards are intended to environmental Protection serve. These are regulations for Dealing with the environmentthat should be observed by people in order to protect them. For one thing, there is Individual lawsthat were created only to protect the environment. On the other hand there is also Environmental protection regulations, in the Integrated laws that do not exist solely for the purpose of protecting the environment.

  • Environmental laws belonging to the core area: Environmental standards (international environmental law, environmental provisions in EU law, Article 20a of the Basic Law), environmental criminal law and cross-sectional laws on the environment
  • Environmental protection regulations integrated in specialist areas of law: Construction and planning law, mining law, energy law, pollution control law, agricultural law, traffic law, water law
  • Own, new areas of law for environmental protection: Climate protection law and resource protection law (This is where classic environmental law and other areas of law and individual laws come together that are not part of environmental law, but are nevertheless useful for environmental protection.)

The central environmental authority in Germany that is Federal Environment Agency (UBA). On the one hand, it is its task Proposals for environmental regulations to submit and to the other Environmental laws to be carried out. The following are important Environmental laws can be presented and examined in more detail.

Environmental Liability Act: What is Environmental Liability?

The Environmental liability can be used as an instrument of Environmental protection be understood. It serves to To prevent environmental damage or to compensate. The Environmental Liability Act has recorded this damage since 1990. It should

Environmental criminal law: penalties for violating environmental law

The Environmental crime picks up loud Federal Environment Agency steadily from what also comes from one growing environmental awareness results within the population. At the Environmental criminal law it is part of the German criminal lawwhich governs how Violations against the German Environmental law be punished.

  • On the one hand, these are violations of the criminal code (Sections 324-330). These include, for example, the following violations: pollution of water, air and soil, prohibited handling of waste, endangering areas in need of protection
  • On the other hand, environmental criminal law also includes the punishment of Violations of individual environmental law areas and laws (Ancillary criminal law) such as those against the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the Hazardous Substances Ordinance or the Plant Protection Act.

Is there an environmental protection law in Germany?

A so-called Environmental Protection Act available in Germany doesn't - there is such a thing with our neighbors in the Switzerland. The one that applies there Federal law on environmental protection, in short Environmental Protection Act, contains regulations for Protection against environmental impact and Dealing with the environment.

What is the Environmental Code?

The Environmental Code (UGB) should be the Summary and simplification of German environmental law serve. With this law it should Uniform national environmental law be managed. In 2009 the Bill however for failed explained.

European environmental law and EU environmental law

On European level is environmental law through various contracts certainly:

  • in the Treaty on European Union (EUV), or EU Treaty for short, it becomes clear that environmental protection and the improvement of environmental quality are important tasks of the EU Commission.
  • The principle of sustainability and the integration principle are also important Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). This also specifies the tasks and goals of European environmental protection.
  • To these is through the Lisbon Treaty the fight against climate change added.

The European Union should according to TFEU a Energy policy operate that takes into account the need to improve or protect the environment.

International environmental law: international environmental law

A international environmental law is necessary there national environmental law alone the global environmental problems can not solve. In order to protect the environment around the world, one has to international level Environmental policy are operated. For that purpose there is this International environmental lawwhich the global environmental protection serves. Environmental agreement between states should ensure that countries work together negative environmental influences counteract.

What does an environmental law attorney do?

The Environmental law is indeed no completed or. independent area of ​​law, however, there are numerous lawyersthat focus on legal issues have specialized in this area. Regardless of whether to aspects of the Construction and planning law, of Immission control law or des Water law - a Lawyer for environmental law can advise and help you in such matters.

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Environmental law in Germany: laws and standards for environmental protection
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