Why did you believe in tarot cards

The secret of the tarot

Tarot cards

A few years ago this was just a mystical and magical tool for me to predict the future. And only a few knew how it worked, it took at least years to read and interpret the maps. I thought.

I am fascinated by such things. Not really tangible for everyone and yet I can feel how much truth there is in them. There's something very magical about it. Exactly what I am missing in today's, very "tangible" world. This space that is created when we let go and just trust. Trust in our own knowledge, in our intuition. In something that may not yet be visible to our eyes and yet it exists.

Trust in the universe, in the cosmic laws, in angels, in other dimensions and other beings.

We have learned to trust only what we can see. Everything else “just doesn't exist”. Do you know that, too? Or have you heard that from other people?

Perhaps these people once believed in it and were disappointed. Developing trust is not a short-term process. It takes time. And often the universe has other plans or better plans for us ... something we can't even imagine yet.

Just like children find their parents unfair if they don't give them what they want now. But the parents are already one step ahead and know what that leads to. (Not to be confused with experiences that everyone simply has to make on their own individual journey). An example comes from my own childhood. When we were still very young, my 3 siblings and I, we sometimes went to the Black Forest on weekends. On the way there we passed a McDonalds and every time we prayed that our father would stop there! (Which he so rarely did). At the time we thought it was pretty stupid and didn't understand AT ALL why he didn't want to eat there. Now, about 20 years later, I'm so grateful for that! I haven't gone to eat there for a few years, and neither have my siblings. BUT, our parents knew better back then.

This just to clarify the whole thing :)

I try to see the universe as a "parent" that it already knows something
it does and often saves me experiences that are not good for me.

However, trusting in our own intuition gives us a lot of strength.

To trust that we have so much knowledge in us and that we can use it. That we are not dependent on other opinions who seem to know better than we do. When did we forget to listen to ourselves? Who knows better what is good for us than we do ourselves?

Back to the tarot. I've bought, read, studied a few books on the subject of tarot and it struck me that it's not ONLY a tool to predict the future. Even if I like to have the cards laid down by someone who is familiar with it every now and then. (Because I can't lay cards, I use them differently ...)

Tarot is a mirror of our consciousness. It works with a universal imagery. The tarot visibly brings our inside outwards. So everyone interprets the cards differently, depending on where he / she is. The interpretation also changes over time, because we are constantly changing ourselves. So it's about the "now". Where we are right now on our journey through life. And that is exactly what is so exciting!

A journey to yourself

In my guidebook I have developed certain questions for each card, which help to become even more aware of what is in us, what we may not have noticed because we simply have not yet asked ourselves these questions.

It's a process. Like everything. It's an absolutely simple yet so powerful tool! Anyone can use it, with or without experience of the Tarot. You don't have to memorize the cards, even though you will get more familiar with them and begin to see what they mean to you.

How do I use the cards?

A variant would be this: Shuffle the cards and draw one per day and then deal with it. Answer the question in the guidebook. Take a closer look at the map. What thoughts come up? What feelings? This is all about you. Proceed very intuitively and trust your inner knowledge. There is absolutely nothing to go wrong.

For me, the main thing is to get to know myself better through the Tarot. To ask myself questions that perhaps no one else has asked me before or that I would never have come up with on my own!

Self-awareness - self-love - knowledge.

What would happen if we accepted ourselves as we are? What if we had more compassion for ourselves and for others because we would finally understand ...?

There is so much to learn and discover. All of life is a journey. A journey to ourselves. To realize who we really are. A mystery, magical, infinite, more than we seem to know ...

Have you already had some experience with tarot? How do you use the cards? Are you interested in the topic and want to know more? Write to me!

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All the best, Melina