What is the population of Dundee Scotland


About 5.1 million people live in Scotland and the population density in Scotland is 65 people per km². The Central Lowlands of Scotland have the highest population density. Almost three quarters of the total population of Scotland live there, while in the Highlands there are sometimes only 8 adults per km². Two thirds of the population live in cities. The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow with around 620,000 inhabitants. The most important cities of Scotland include the capital Edinburgh with approx. 455,000 inhabitants, Aberdeen with 211,000 inhabitants, Dundee with 150,000 inhabitants and Inverness with 65,000 inhabitants. The industrial metropolitan area of ​​Clydeside, which includes the cities of Glasgow and Clydebank, is the UK's largest marine engineering center, although activities today are mainly focused on offshore oil production rather than traditional shipbuilding.

The ancestors of people living in Scotland today were descendants of various ethnic groups who colonized Scotland. The Picts, Celts, Scandinavians and the Romans in particular have the greatest influence on today's population groups in Scotland. Scotland has a rural as well as industrialized society. In Scotland itself, the population is divided into Highlanders and Lowlanders. The influence of neighboring Scandinavian countries is particularly noticeable on the islands of Scotland.

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