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Changing lives made easy - with 5 steps into a new life

You can feel it in quiet moments: this diffuse feeling of dissatisfaction. Something in your life just isn't going according to plan anymore. It can not go on like this. One thing is becoming increasingly clear to you: you want to change your life! Here I'll show you how to do it.

Dissatisfaction as a warning signal from the soul

Your dissatisfaction sets the tone

We all know it: that nagging and pressing feeling in life that things are somehow really wrong.

In the stressful everyday life, we often don't have time to pay attention to it. But whenever it calms down, when we have achieved something and come to rest for a moment, it comes back.

Then we notice very clearly that something is no longer right. That life just doesn't feel good anymore. Although things may not be so bad on the outside ...

It doesn't matter whether you then know exactly what makes you unhappy or whether you feel more that you don't want to continue like this; your dissatisfaction is an unmistakable sign that you should change your life.

It is quasi the early warning system of our soul and shows us when it is time to change direction.

You can ignore them for a while and just move on.

But sooner or later, she'll catch up with you. Because your level of suffering will continue to increase. And at some point the limit is reached and you can no longer deny it:

It's time to change your life!

Why is it so difficult for us to change our lives?

1. Because we are creatures of habit and like to stick with the old.

The old is familiar.

The old is safe.

We are reluctant to give up our cherished routines.

But make one thing clear to yourself: the old maybe had its time. But now it is no more.

The old has made you feel bad, dissatisfied, and wanting to change. If it were still right for you, you wouldn't feel that way.

A change got to so here.

2. Because change also means saying goodbye.

Life means change

From something that we might once have loved. At least from something that has become part of our lives.

Changes in the course of life are completely normal.

Everything is in the river". The ancient Greeks said that. Anthropologists even believe that we enter a new phase of life every 7 years. Maybe you have just reached this new phase of your life now.

Your attitudes may be different than before. So are your wishes and priorities.

If the full-time job used to be your fulfillment, you may now long to take it easy. If you used to love to sacrifice yourself for your family, now you may want to be the center of attention again.

Life means change!

3. Because we have to leave our comfort zone.

To do something differently than before means to have to venture forward. And if you venture out, you take the risk of failure.

The new unknown also brings with it uncertainty. Will I like the new job better? Will i be good at it? Will my boss be happy with me?

Change creates fear.

You will therefore need courage. That’s out of the question.

But if you dare, you have a chance of recovery. If you let it, everything will stay the same.

This is how you can change your life!

If you want to change your life, you will not be able to avoid the following 5 steps.

1. Recognize the status quo

First of all, you need to become aware of how you are doing right now. This means that you look your dissatisfaction straight in the ugly face. No more glossing over and ignoring.

Make yourself clear: I am dissatisfied and it cannot go on like this!

2. Make a decision and set goals

I want to change my life!

Take aim

This is your choice. But what is your goal?

Especially if your dissatisfaction is rather diffuse and you cannot properly name what bothers you in your life, it is important to find out very clearly what you want to change.

Your first task is therefore: find out what you are satisfied with in your life and what you are not. My satisfaction cake can help you with that.

You have now found a few areas that you are unhappy with. Pick the most important area and think about what you can do about it.

For example, are you dissatisfied with your partnership?

What has to change so that you become more satisfied again?

  • Maybe you just want to spend more time together again?
  • Maybe a debate is long overdue?
  • Maybe an unfavorable situation has to be finally resolved (e.g. a long-distance relationship is broken up by moving) or
  • maybe you want to leave your partner for good?

If you know what you need set yourself partial goals. What exactly do you have to do to achieve your big goal? Is it your big goal to finally leave your partner?

That means:

  • You need to talk to your partner
  • You have to find a new place to stay that you can temporarily find
  • You may need to talk to your child
  • You may have to look for a job to become financially independent

Be as specific and realistic as possible.

This video shows you how to formulate goals in such a way that you can actually achieve them.

3. Decide on a path

To jump into the cold water

Depending on what your goal looks like, it can make sense to bring about the change step by step or with a shock effect.

Some decisions need to be carefully considered, e.g. quitting the job, leaving your partner (especially if you have children), emigrating, etc.

In other decisions, we are doing ourselves a favor by simply taking ourselves off guard. Too long brooding keeps us from realizing our plans. Sometimes you just have to jump into the deep end.

What do you think when do you find it easier to jump from a 10 meter tower? When you've weighed the pros and cons for a long time, familiarized yourself with the risks and heard other testimonials, or when you just run up the stairs and jump without thinking?


4. Make sure you understand why you are doing this

Nothing motivates us more than knowing why we are doing something.

So it's best to write down a list of reasons why the change is necessary.

Picture the negative consequences it will have on your life if you don't make your change. Also, write down how well you will be and what your life will be like when you make the change.

You can do the latter every day from now on:

Take a minute and imagine your future life. Imagine how it will feel, how others will see you, how you will see life etc.

5. Start right away

And off …

If we set out to do something but then do nothing for two or three weeks, we can throw our resolution straight back into the bin.

Experts say we have to start our project within the next 48 hours.

After that it's too late.

So ask yourself: what can you still do today to get closer to your goal.

  • To break out of an unhappy relationship, you can, for example, find a place today where you can stay, pack a few things or talk to your partner.
  • To find a new job, you can research vacancies, update your résumé or have application photos taken today.


These are the most important steps to change your life. Of course, there are other tips that will help you stay on track. E.g.

  • Let others know about your plan: telling others about your plans will help you stick it out. Either because you're afraid of embarrassing yourself or because you want to rub your success under their noses. Plus, of course, you can do a lot Seek support from friends and family members.
  • Only pick up one change at a time. Don't leave your partner, quit your job, and become a vegan on the same day. You can't say that. But one goal at a time goes.
  • Hang in there for 30 days: If your goal is to make a minor change in your habits, such as being healthier, then force yourself to do so new habit to hold out for 30 days. Then it should have passed into your marrow and blood and you can devote yourself to the next construction site.
  • Measure your success: Follow your list of subgoals steadily and reward yourself for measurable success. For example, treat yourself to a massage when you've found a new apartment or turn a blue day when 20 applications have been sent.

Do not be afraid of change. We all change our lives from time to time.

But it doesn't happen overnight. Changing your life is a long process that starts with a landmark decision. Be patient with yourself and persevere.

Be good to yourself in this time of upheaval.

You will see that achieving your goal was worth all the effort.

If you want to learn more about how you can change your life, get mine right now free quiz “What's in the way of your happiness?”. In it you will find out why you have not been happy so far and where you can start to change that.

Take your happiness in your hand!