What were the achievements of Ramses II

Who was Ramses II?

It was his grandfather Ramses I who raised the bourgeois family to the nobility through his military achievements and founded his own royal dynasty. The father of Ramses II, Seti I, had secured the nation's wealth by opening up new mines and quarries. He had defended and fortified the northern border against the Hittites, a tribe from what is now Turkey.

When the 14-year-old Ramses II climbed the Thorn, the Hittites saw an opportunity to test the young Pharaoh and the northern frontier of his empire. They invaded and occupied the important trading city of Kadesh in present-day Syria.

Ramses II led his forces to the field to retake the city. However, he fell for spies who told him that the Hittites were still a long way from the camp of his armed forces. In reality, they were lying in wait nearby and attacked surprisingly. The Egyptians were on the verge of defeat when reinforcements arrived at the last moment. Ramses II won the battle, but not the war.

His troubled troops withdrew from Kadesh. However, Ramses did not see why he should let trivialities like the truth spoil his triumph. All over Egypt he had wall drawings put on the walls of temples showing how he defeated the aggressors with his own hands.