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Is There a Name for High Risk, High Returning Debt Securities in India?

I am looking for debt securities in India that are designed to offer you high returns at the expense of high risk. Is there a name for such a category of funds?

I found an example of such a fund, the Franklin India Income Builder Fund, but is there a name for such a category of fund?

I don't want to specify a specific duration or type of bond the fund is trying to buy, or the strategy used to generate returns. I want to leave these decisions to the fund manager. All I care about is high risk / high return. Is there a name for such funds?

a CVn

Debt securities in India that aim to provide you with high returns at the expense of high risk

This is commonly called the high yield Designated debt instrument.

They will be more volatile than lower-risk debt, but expect a higher rate of return. Some high yield bonds can even generate returns not far below what can be expected in the stock markets, with the risk that one or more of the companies in the mix will file for partial or total bankruptcy is not negligible.

Vaddadi Kartick

Unfortunately, that's not a category of funds - I see categories like corporate bonds, gold, arbitrage, etc. But those categories of funds are limited to certain types of bonds or certain strategies that I don't want to limit myself to. There doesn't seem to be a name that suggests "high returns, high risk".

a CVn

@VaddadiKartick Generally speaking, for what you are looking for, the name is "High Yield". If your bank doesn't offer this as a searchable category, you'll need to search other ways. For example, try sorting by 12 month return in descending order. But ultimately that's a question for your bank (or wherever you have your investment account).