How do fairy tales affect society?


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm achieved a worldwide and cross-media impact, especially with their fairy tales. Translations into more than 170 languages ​​from all over the world can be proven today. The total circulation of all total, partial and individual editions is now likely to have exceeded the billion mark. The “Children's and Household Tales” were not only adapted for theater, opera and ballet, but also found their way into radio, film, television and the new media. After all, their influence extends into everyday life, as fabrics and motifs are often used in the press and in advertising, right through to the design of simple everyday objects.

The uninterrupted living and working community of the Brothers Grimm plays an important role in the reception of their biography and has experienced a diverse range in the aftermath of their famous double portrait. No less important are their monumental achievements in the various fields of science, as well as their social and political commitment. The Brothers Grimm Society is committed to this legacy by collecting, documenting and making accessible all available evidence. The Kassel Grimm collections have assumed a very large size here.

1785-1798: origin
1798-1806: Education
1806-1815: alignment
1814-1829: Recognition
1830-1838: civil courage
1837-1841: perseverance
1841-1863: fulfillment
1863 -... aftermath