What is motor hunting

Corona: Relaxation for sports boat skippers?

The regulations in the regions in which there is a high incidence of infection and in which the so-called "Corona emergency brake" has been applied may differ. Skipper and boat owner are requested to find out more on site.

Is it possible to crane or slip boats?

According to the available data, the crane and slipping of boats should in principle be possible in all federal states. Here too, however, the following applies: Contacts are to be avoided as a matter of principle, only those people who are absolutely necessary for the process may be present when lifting the crane.

Joint crane and slipping of boats or club facilities may be subject to further regulations that must be agreed with the district administrative authorities on a case-by-case basis. In principle, the rules of distance and hygiene also apply here. If necessary, boat owners and crews should find out about the local regulations on site, e.g. from the responsible district or the water police.

Is it possible to sleep on boats?

Most of the regional associations were able to answer this question with YES, albeit with the restriction that overnight stays on board in the home port are only permitted for owners of a permanent berth. This is possible in all federal states with the exception of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein there is an exception for those who transfer their boat from winter storage to summer berth. Overnight stays in other ports should also be possible in the course of the transfer, e.g. if the next destination port is too far away for a day trip. The Schleswig-Holstein regulation states: “From March 29, 2021, it is also possible to stay overnight in foreign harbors if it is“ for the purpose of making it seaworthy and for transferring a boat to its permanent berth. ”

Can the sanitary facilities be opened?

According to information from the BVWW, the use of the sanitary facilities is permitted for owners of permanent berths. As a rule, however, this only applies to the use of the toilets. The use of the shower rooms is generally not permitted.

Can club houses open?

Meetings of larger groups of people in closed rooms are of course not permitted for reasons of infection protection. Only Schleswig-Holstein answered the question about the possible opening of club houses with “Yes”, but it should also be assumed here that the rules of infection protection apply and that “normal” club operations are not permitted. The use of changing rooms and showers is generally not permitted.

Boat charter, boat rental

According to information from the BVWW, the multi-day charter of sailing or motor boats with overnight stays on board is currently not permitted in all federal states.
It looks different with the hourly or max. Daily boat rental. With the exception of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where the information situation is currently unclear, this is permitted in all federal states.

Boat training

In principle, the training is possible - but in the end, everything depends on the incidence values. Sometimes the situation is confusing. While an evaluation by the BVWW indicates that boat training is not permitted in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, a letter from the Bavarian Ministry of Transport explains at the request of the Bavarian Motor Yacht Associationthat the boat training is possible in compliance with the distance and hygiene rules, provided that the 7-day incidence in the corresponding circle is below the value of 100.

If in doubt, inform on-site

Basically, the rules of distance and hygiene apply. Clear text: keep your distance, mask on, avoid contacts. Since all easing is linked to the incidence values, we assume that there are currently no nationwide or state-wide general regulations that allow boating and staying in yachting harbors or on club premises under all circumstances. It is crucial for the long-term existence and the further relaxation of the restrictions that the infection numbers remain stable at a low level and thus remain manageable. Whether this succeeds depends on the behavior and solidarity of all.

In case of doubt, boat owners should inform themselves on site at the responsible offices and authorities such as the water protection police.