Who are Saraswat Brahmins

Chitrapur Saraswati Brahmins

The Chitrapur Saraswati BrahminsCommunity is a small Konkani-speaking Hindu Brahmin community in the West Indies, originally primarily located in the Kanara coastal region. They are named after the sacred Saraswati River. Their identity as a group is first mentioned in 1708. This caste grew from a small, insignificant group to a thriving community of over 15,000 members in the 1930s.

The main seat of the Saraswati Brahmins is the village of Chitrapur in Shirali, Karnataka, India. The Chitrapur Matha (monastery) is located there. The Chitrapur Saraswati Brahmins can be found in many places today, especially in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Madras.

English occupation

The Chitrapur Saraswati Brahmins had a special relationship with the English occupation. They opened up to English culture and encouraged English education. This enabled Saraswati members to take on prestigious administrative positions. Many members moved to the cities, especially Bombay and Madras. A split developed between the Orthodox Saraswatis, who followed Swami, the leader of the community, and those who founded an urban elite.

Guru Parampara

The succession of senior gurus in the Saraswati Brahmin Caste begins with Swami Parijnanashram I, who was ordained in 1708 to lead the community.

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