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YouTuber gets Diamond Play Button - with money instead of 10 million subscribers

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10 million subscribers on YouTube. For this you get the official Diamond Play button. To date, fewer than 800 channels have won the coveted trophy - including Pewdiepie, Ryan Higa and KSI. But the road to fame has a shortcut - at least if you don't shy away from cheating.

In an experiment, the YouTuber JackSucksAtLife managed to grab a Diamond Play button, even though he "only" has 1.3 million subscribers. How he did it with a simple URL change and a few thousand dollars, he explains in a video.

For clarification: He didn't do all of this to claim that he had actually reached 10 million subscriptions. On the other hand, his video should draw attention to a weak point in the system - with a funny wink.

This is how JackSucksAtLife stole the trophy

A YouTuber friend made Jack possible Exploit attentive: He had discovered a website where you can buy replacements for buttons that have already been received in the event that they are lost or damaged.

URL vulnerability

All a channel operator has to do is contact YouTube and receive a URL that leads them directly to the correct shop page. To put it simply: A YouTuber who wants to buy a new silver award only ends up on the product Ā»Silver ButtonĀ«. But there is one crucial catch.

As Jack quickly found out, it was enough change the word "silver" in the URL to "diamond". The shop updated itself nicely and loaded the Diamond page. The 10 million button costs $ 3,000 there, by the way - which JackSucksAtLife was willing to put on the table.

One last obstacle

Jack had to order with dates other than his own so that the dizziness wouldn't be exposed. After all, his personal information and subscription numbers are known on YouTube. So as a precaution he chose a detour: A friend said he was the popular YouTube KSI - and YouTube apparently did not check this information. A short time later the diamond button was sent.

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The result

$ 3,000 and a few weeks later, Jack held the cheated diamond button in his hand. On the back, however, there was a dedication to KSI. At the end of the video, he jokes that he's just going to tape them over.

According to Jack, after successful cheating, Jack contacted the relevant offices on YouTube to make them aware of the vulnerability. He wanted to prevent the website from being overrun by imitators as soon as he put his video online. By now it should the exploit will no longer be possible.

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