How was Donald Trump elected to 1

Who voted for Trump?

50 percent of the US population are women, 17 percent Hispanics, 13 percent black, and five to 10 percent homosexual. Donald Trump had massively offended all of these groups during the election campaign.

The votes of angry, white men, described as Trump's electoral base in the election campaign, are not enough to become US president.

There were essentially six sections of the population who voted for him.

1. Evangelical Christians

Donald Trump is married for the third time. Nevertheless: The 70-year-old was able to score especially with conservative evangelical Christians.

2. Rural regions

Washington is far away. If you look at the map, one thing becomes clear: The real estate mogul from New York was able to win votes in the rural regions of the USA.

3. White Americans

In 2050, half of the US population will not be white. In many southern states, Spanish is already the official second language. This scares many US citizens: That is precisely why many white Americans voted for him.

4. The uneducated

The higher the level of education, the lower the support for Trump. That didn't help much with the choice: only around 16 percent of Americans have a "master's" degree or an even higher degree.

5. Straight people

Even Trump's misogynistic statements couldn't make women turn away from him in large droves. 42 percent of female voters voted for Trump. He was punished by the LGBT community.

6. Wealthy

Contrary to what was predicted, Donald Trump didn't score as much with low-income Americans. Wealthy Americans in particular made their mark with the Republicans.