Delta charges a fee for baggage

Bad surprises at the airport - new baggage conditions

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Many airlines have changed their conditions for baggage transport, as one or the other passenger has recently experienced a nasty surprise at the check-in counter. It is now known that cheap airlines in particular react very petty when they are overweight and charge high surcharges. But even the big companies like Lufthansa, Delta Airlines or Condor now have a new concept. Sometimes these are not really easy to understand. Generally, depending on the airline, 20 to 23 kilos of luggage are free. In business and first class it can be up to 40 kilos.
Delta Airlines has been particularly strict since May. While two pieces of luggage were allowed in the previous year, each passenger is now only allowed to take one suitcase weighing 20 kilos. There are also no special regulations for families traveling together. However, there is at Condor. Here, 20 kilograms are definitely free, but the luggage of a family can be offset. If the total maximum weight of all family members is not exceeded, everything is fine. A so-called “luggage pool” can also be used by several people traveling in a group.
You should inform yourself a little more precisely before departure if you are going on vacation with Lufthansa. Lufthansa differentiates between long-haul flights (except the North Atlantic), all flights within Europe and the piece concept (applies to trips to the USA). If you offset yourself against your luggage here, it can happen that you have to pay up to 30 euros per kilogram of excess weight.
Air Canada, for example, offers 23 kilograms in one piece of luggage for free. Additional pieces of luggage are not estimated per kilo, but at a flat rate of 35 euros. The so-called “baggage pooling”, however, does not exist at Air Canada.
And Thai Airways is very innovative this year: The passenger can book his “kilo tariff” together with the ticket in advance. Depending on what you book, you can distribute between 20 and 30 kilograms on as many pieces of luggage as you like.
What has remained the same for almost all airlines, however, are the hand luggage regulations. The following applies here: a circumference of 115 centimeters, i.e. 56 x 36 x 23, is permitted in almost every society. In addition, hand luggage should never exceed the eight kilo mark.