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Topic of the day for football fans today: Messibe's penalty trick in the game between FC Barcelona and Celta Vigo. Messi just taps the ball, then lets Suarez transform. Compliant? Yes. Fair? One can argue about that.
In competition, including in retail, the one who stretches the rule as far as possible often wins. Just think of dynamic pricing. But sometimes those who correctly hit the forward-looking flank also win. After Asics bought Runkeeper, another hip fitness app is now owned by a brand. This can also be used for e-commerce. Under the trade? Is once more on the sidelines and lets others score the goals.

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Kaufland is preparing for e-commerce:

The large discounter Kaufland is preparing to sell online, according to information from the Lebensmittel Zeitung. Start should be in 2017 at the latest. An e-commerce team is currently being put together. Also present: Marcus Rodermann, most recently managing director for sales and marketing at the fashion retailer Heine, as managing director at Kaufland Omnichannel.


quote of the Day: "Four years ago you would have said that online retail would soon make up 40 percent of sales. But you can see that online also has its limits. Instead, online retailers like Amazon have opened their own stores. In the past two years a lot has changed in the minds of customers and managers. It wasn't that long ago that I was pityed for my job as Media-Saturn manager because we have brick and mortar stores. " Pieter Haas, Head of Media-Saturn Holding, celebrates omnichannel and multichannel at Donaukurier.

Otto Group is upgrading mobile advertising:

Otto Group Media wants to present its own marketing model for mobile advertising this year and wants to score points by being able to offer a cross-device range measurement via the log-in data of the marketed e-commerce sites.

More fleece in the Steiff online shop:

The e-commerce agency mzentrale is redesigning the online shop (Magento) for the traditional Steiff company and is focusing on targeted storytelling. In addition, a protected area for members of the Steiff Club has been integrated, which also offers an online exchange for collectors.

Bench tries music:

For the launch of the spring / summer collection 2016, the Hamburg e-commerce agency superReal developed a completely new online presence (Oxid) for the fashion brand Bench. The Bench Music Player sounds interesting. There are playlists on various topics, events and music styles available via the integration of Soundcloud, from which users can choose their favorites and listen to them while browsing.


New buy button from PayPal:

PayPal is testing the integration of buy buttons in advertisements and blogs in the USA. Contextual commerce is intended to accelerate the purchase process.

Cash flow for Wadi from Rocket Internet:, Rocket Internet's online marketplace in the Arab world, has raised 67 million dollars in a financing round. The money comes from the Al Tayyar Travel Group, among others. operates Rocket together with the South African telecom giant MTN in the joint venture The Middle East Internet Group (MEIG).

Exchange for sneakers:

Price search engine or marketplace as an exchange? StockX is an interesting hybrid on which the prices for sneakers in different shops can be tracked in real time. StockX also organizes the sale.

Rakuten is sorting out (Correction):

Rakuten is cleaning up. The Japanese online giant is closing a number of branches in Southeast Asia as well as PriceMinister in France due to falling revenues despite globally growing sales. and must write off at PriceMinister in France. The Kobo e-reader is also a losing proposition. The e-book division is expected to return to profit this year. How Rakuten envisions the bright future is shown in "Vision 2020" as a pdf.


Asics buys RunKeeper fitness app:

Asics is taking over the RunKeeper fitness app and paying $ 85 million. Adidas paid € 220 million for Runtastic. Under Armor acquired the Endomondo apps for $ 85 million and Myfitnesspal for $ 475 million. Runkeeper CEO Jason Jacobs is as happy as Bolle. Danger for retail: With shop connections and personalized offers, the apps could also act well bypassing the fitness and sports trade. For example, Runkeeper reminds you when new shoes are due.

Number of the day: What would it cost to buy each product once at Kynan Eng claims it did the math: $ 12.86 billion.

Reading tip of the day: Buzzfeed can explain the fascination of Snapchat by a teenager: "My Little Sister Taught Me How To“ Snapchat Like The Teens ”

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