What is a democratic republic government

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The Dominican Republic consists of 31 provinces and the capital district of Santo Domingo. It is a parliamentary democracy, but its constitutional institutions are still weak. Human rights are essentially respected. The President, who has great powers and is also head of government and commander in chief of the army and police, is directly elected for four years (most recently on July 5, 2020).

By far the most important branch of the economy is tourism; the country has had very high growth for years. It has been hit hard by the largely lack of travel due to the COVID-19 crisis.

There is considerable migratory pressure from Haiti, which many Dominicans are critical of. The government wants to improve the legal situation of Haitian people and at the same time better control migration and illegal activities at the border by building a fence. The crisis in Venezuela is also leading to an increase in immigration from there. Almost two million Dominicans live in the USA.

The population is mostly Catholic; the Catholic Church has great influence. The number and importance of the evangelical churches is increasing noticeably.

The country is an important transit country for drugs from South America to the USA and Europe.


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