Leaves Tom Brady the patriots

The old man's departure: after 20 years, the light figure Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots dynasty

Quarterback Tom Brady says goodbye after six Super Bowl triumphs. It's almost like Michael Jordan.

The last chapter didn't fit. On January 4, Tom Brady lost with the New England Patriots to the Tennessee Titans 13:20, his last pass was intercepted and resulted in a Titans touchdown. It was an unworthy final act of a liaison that will be remembered as one of the most impressive success stories and one of the most amazing dynasties in North American professional sport.

For 20 years working for the Patriots, model son-in-law Brady has been synonymous with ambition and success. The quarterback moved into the Super Bowl a crazy nine times and won it six times. There is a constancy that has something surreal about the system of US professional leagues, which is so trimmed to parity.

Now Brady has decided to leave; on Tuesday he announced that he was leaving New England. He wrote that it was “time to step onto a new stage”. It's a brave move in several ways.

In August, Brady will be 43 years old, it looks like he is the oldest player in the league. Brady outwitted the aging process for years with rigid discipline and an idiosyncratic diet. But in 2019 he appeared elderly for the first time: he lacked mobility and explosiveness. The question is why that was. To Brady. Or the lack of quality in the offensive department of the Patriots. As well as the tireless debate over whether Brady is simply the best quarterback in history. Or just a product from trainer mastermind Bill Belichick. Autumn will provide answers. Brady wants to look for a new team.

Tampa or Los Angeles

It is not yet clear where Brady will end up. He is said to have received lucrative offers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers. There is talk of up to 30 million dollars a year. In New England, Brady had recently waived a market-based salary several times in order to improve the chances of his team's success. Now that he is negotiating what will probably be the last contract of his career, this nobility will be over.

The sporting prospects in Tampa should be better. For the Los Angeles Chargers, Brady would above all be a marketing tool: The team moved from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2017 and has since struggled to assert itself in this competitive market, the stadium is often half empty. The light figure Brady would solve the positioning problems overnight.

According to American media reports, Brady's favorite destination would have been San Francisco, he once grew up in California as a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. But the Super Bowl finalist waved it off, which says something. It is very rare for a quarterback with Brady's merits to go public. The fact that the premium organizations are not fighting for him shows a certain distrust of Brady's version today. There are reasons for this: He is the only quarterback in history to win the Super Bowl at the age of more than 40. But that was three years ago.

Memories of Jordan

Brady's departure is therefore also a risk. He wouldn't be the first athlete to do himself a disservice by changing clubs in the twilight of his career. At Brady's altitude, for example, basketball player Michael Jordan did this 19 years ago, who moved from the Chicago Bulls to the Washington Wizards. His two-year interlude in the capital was a failure, the team always missed the play-offs.

In New England, they would have liked Brady to end his career with the Patriots, with a final title as a stirring piece and the end of a terrific career. Team owner Robert Kraft said: “It's not the end I imagined. But Tom deserves to do what he wants. I love him like a son. " It remains to be seen whether the appendix will see it the same way - especially if Brady succeeds in writing a worthy final chapter of his history elsewhere.