How do I immediately change the mood

Good mood: this is how it works in 60 seconds

It is monday morning. For many, not exactly the epitome of good mood. On the way to work you will meet many sleepy and less than enthusiastic faces and even when you arrive at the office, most of the colleagues are not in a good mood, but rather hide behind a large cup of coffee before they are even approachable and in a usable mood. Bad mood, however, is not limited to certain times, but can occur anytime and anywhere and so yours hail all day. The problem: Once the good mood has passed, it usually takes a long time before the mood lifts again. But with a few tricks it can also go faster and in just 60 seconds you can regain your good mood ...

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A good mood makes life better

Good mood is a true all-rounder and the emotional state that most people strive for by far. The reason for this is as simple as it is understandable: If you are in a good mood and, in the best case scenario, can keep it in a good mood, it has a positive effect on every area of ​​life.

In the first place: you are happier and more satisfied. Anyone who looks long all day, walks around in a bad mood from morning to night and always has something to complain about, is doing himself a disservice. Only the bad and negative are always seen, every reason to complain is used or you immediately sink into self-pity for your own situation.

A good mood also ensures more interpersonal contact, a larger circle of friends and an overall feeling better social fabric. Just imagine that you would like to sit down with a colleague over lunch so that you don't eat alone. You can choose from a grim-looking grumpy bear whose bad mood wafts around him like an aura or a colleague with a friendly smile who exudes a good mood. Not hard to guess where you end up sitting.

Last but not least, a good mood helps To deal with problems and to master difficult situations. If you are in a bad mood, you are also more likely to lapse into pessimism. You feel lousy, assume that everything will go wrong anyway, depending on your mood, and when it actually goes wrong, you feel that your first assumption has been confirmed. A downward spiral which in the worst case can even become a serious psychological burden.

Bad moods can get on other people's nerves

As is well known, a good mood can be contagious. When you talk to a friend or colleague who is having a particularly good day, you will immediately feel like yours Mood brightens and you just can't resist the positive vibe. Bad moods are also transferrable and have a particularly negative effect on empathetic people.

In contrast to the good mood, the negative counterpart contains a lot Potential for conflict. The key point here: if you are in a good mood, you don't want someone else to ruin it.

You're having a really good day, everything is going as you hoped, you are happy and looking forward to whatever lies ahead. Suddenly one comes notoriously nagging colleague to you and begins to complain about everything, to point out problems where you have not seen any before and to simply speak badly about everything. No wonder that gets on your nerves because someone in particular ruins not only your good mood, but maybe even the entire day within a short period of time.

Other people often get in a bad mood downright imposed - which is accordingly received with little joy. Full-blown disputes usually arise when the mood is already in the basement.

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Why it is so often difficult to stay in a good mood

Unfortunately, there is a good mood very ephemeral and mood swings are possible from one moment to the next. You can already little triggers make the difference. And unfortunately there are a lot of them.

A The classic is the weather. Too gray, too many clouds, too much rain, too cold ... Especially in the dark season there is always something to complain about and the weather is a permanent cause of bad mood for many who long for the climate of a South Sea island.

In the job, it's usually stress that matters no chance in a good mood leaves. When the tasks pile up, the overtime never ends and the job may not be what you want, this affects your mood. In addition, there can be disagreements with colleagues or anger with the boss.

Even in the Leisure and private life keeping your spirits up can be a challenge. You experience unforeseen problems, plans cannot be put into practice, you argue with your partner, or you may just focus on the wrong and negative things in your life.

Also bad news can put an end to a good mood in no time. This can concern you professionally or privately, but it can also be general information that burdens you and makes you think.

This helps to get in a good mood right away

Your good mood can go away quickly, but unfortunately it usually doesn't come back that quickly. Once in a bad mood, the state of mind can drag on throughout the day. This need not be. We have some tricks and tips to help you good mood in just 60 seconds can bring back:

  • Listen to your favorite music

    Music can have a huge impact on your emotional state. We associate memories and emotions with the melodies and texts. Therefore, if you want to get in a good mood quickly, you should get yours Turn on your favorite music and concentrate fully on it. Let yourself be carried away by the music and absorb the positive feelings that the song gives you. You will immediately feel an improvement in your mood.

  • Control your thoughts

    A bad mood has a lot to do with your perception and your thoughts. The more your thoughts and negative things circulate, the less chance your good mood has. It can help if you fully focus your thoughts focus on positive things and events. Hide what is bothering you and think, for example, about your last great success or imagine how you will achieve a current goal.

  • Use your facial expressions and body language

    Hang your head and shoulders, keep your eyes down or pull the corners of your mouth down. With such body language and facial expressions, you cannot feel in a good mood. Indeed you can use these two leversto consciously influence your mood. For example, even a mock smile for which there is actually no reason can put you in a good mood in a short time, as your brain perceives the muscle movement and releases happiness hormones.

  • Answer a few questions for yourself

    You can do something to keep you in a good mood by answering a few questions yourself. This also goes in the direction of the controlled thoughts. Through the You force yourself to ask questions to think about certain, and in this case positive, things. Such questions can be, for example:

  • laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine. This also applies in a bad mood. To get you in a good mood again within 60 seconds, you should laugh heartily. What is secondary here. It can be a joke, a funny situation, a funny picture or a video. The main thing is that you can enjoy yourself deliciously. After a short laugh, the good mood comes back and you feel much more relaxed and relaxed.

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