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Video Downloader professional for Google Chrome was last updated on 07/28/2020 and version 1.99.6 is available for download here.

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The free Chrome add-on "Video Downloader professional" allows you to download embedded videos from any website.

With the extension "Video Downloader professional" you can save any video in Flash or HTML5 format on your hard drive. Well-known websites that are supported are, for example, Vevo or Vimeo or our CHIP video portal. In addition, the extension has a video list in which all downloaded videos are summarized.

Video Downloader professional: Download HTML5 and Flash videos anywhere with Chrome

With the extension you can download videos in various formats offered, for example as HD video in MP4 format. However, if you prefer smaller files, you can use lower quality files.

The extension is free of charge, but the developer is happy to receive donations to further finance the development of the tool.

Telephone support for Video Downloader professional for Google Chrome and more

Using the free landline number 069 2991 7711 get help from experienced experts on everything to do with your PC and software. The call is free. More information.

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CHIP conclusion to Video Downloader professional for Google Chrome

The free Chrome extension "Video Downloader professional" is a practical addition to your browser. It offers many useful functions, such as the ability to decide the quality of the video to be downloaded.

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The download link will take you to the Chrome Web Store. From there you can install the extension with one click.

In order to comply with Google's guidelines for the "Chrome Web Store", the download of videos on YouTube is disabled. This functionality is still included in the version for Firefox.

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