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  • What do you know about Switzerland? Try to separate the things that come to your mind into facts and prejudices. Where do you find confirmations in the film and where not?
  • What seems strange to you in the film, what seems familiar to you?
  • Which traditions and customs do you know from your area?

"This nation is disintegrating, but I don't care. The region where I live will continue to have the sausages and wines that I love, people will continue to speak the local dialect - and if they do." If you no longer have any awareness of Switzerland in ten years, it doesn't matter.
Switzerland as a nation is superfluous, like all other nations. Even if there is no tension at ski races, soccer games and other world championships - and with it the competition among the nations. And of course the war. "

(Peter Bichsel, Merian Switzerland, 1991)

  • Compare the attitude of Bichsel with the homeland of the Hornussians in the film!
  • What do you think about? Give reasons for your opinion.


Tradition (from tradere 'passed') the adoption and transmission of custom, custom, convention, life experience and institutions. Tradition is that which connects the generations, creates continuity between the past and the future. The modern age is characterized by an increasing dissolution of the ties to tradition, a consequence of economic, social and political changes which, with increasing acceleration, expand the space of experience and the horizon of expectations. Since the Enlightenment, there have been two opposing attitudes: traditionalism, which, regardless of the respective historical situation, sticks to the conventional and rejects conscious changes to established structures, and revolution, which advocates emancipation from the shackles of the past. In the face of this politicization and polarization, tradition (as a determinant of conservatism) and progress tend to be mutually exclusive. However, they remain related to one another: change occurs in the implementation of tradition, in the course of change, traditions are preserved. Both are constitutive of history.

(Meyers Taschenlexikon Geschichte, Vol. 6, 1982)

  • Explain this definition in your own words! What do traditions mean to you?

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