How is Snapchat so fast

Snapchat: 5 awesome tricks and tips that you probably didn't know before


Create beautiful snaps with the Snapchat pipette

Whether with the writing, the picture colors themselves or when painting on a photo, you can use the many colors of the Snapchat dropper deploy:

  • You can get even more variety through the Snapchat pipette if you choose a color on the rainbow bar and then slowly swipe to the left.
  • Under the bar you can also switch to the transparent colors and a black and white scale.
  • You change the size of the brush by placing a point on the picture and dragging it wider or smaller with two fingers.
  • If you already have the brush update, you can use it to change the color of images. To do this, go to the scissors symbol and then to the brush. Now you can choose one or more areas in the picture that should be given a different color.
  • If you want to make your text more beautiful in the snap, you can also use two colors. Simply mark the words that should have a different color and then select them.

Change "Best Friends" on Snapchat

The app shows your three best friends with whom you snap chat the most. However, you can also see more people. Go for it "Attitude", then "Additional services" and click on "Manage". Then on "Number of best friends". Here you can Snapchat change your best friend count and choose how many people should be shown and.


Activate secret Snapchat features

Do you want to try out new functions, lenses and the like before everyone else? Then will Beta tester! Under the "Settings" can you find the field "Join the Snapchat Beta ". If you click on it, you will be explained exactly how you can register as a tester for free. Once or twice a week there are new Snapchat functions that you can then rate. With this you can determine for yourself how you will be in the future make even cooler snaps.


More inspiration for beautiful snaps

You have already tried everything to to design cool and beautiful snaps, but slowly you can't think of anything anymore. You can always find new ideas on the "Discover"-Page. So that you don't waste time unnecessarily and have to look at hundreds of pictures and videos that don't interest you at all: Go to the "Settings" and then up again "To adjust". Here you can find the field "Interests and Lifestyle", under which you can choose exactly which topics (e.g. beauty, cars or films), stars and Co. are of interest to you on Snapchat. The app then takes this into account for your personalized "Discover" page and you can now design really nice snaps.


Cool snaps with filter tricks

To your Snap with a filter to make it more beautiful, all you have to do is swipe left. Here you can choose any one you want. The whole thing gets even funnier if you click on the little icon that appears at the bottom of the bar. With that you can Lay filters on top of each other. The one you have already chosen will be fixed and you can put others on top. On some phones, a trick that you can use your create your own Snapchat filter can. Use the "T" tool to write a bold letter on the picture in a color that you would like the filter to be in. Then pull the letter large until the color covers the whole picture. It becomes transparent and your picture has a turquoise filter, for example.

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