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Stefan Klein: All and nothing. From the beauty of the universe

S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2017
ISBN 9783103972610, hardcover, 240 pages, 20.00 EUR
[…] Beauty of the Universe 'Stories about Space and Time. Is there nothing? Are space and time just illusions? Is our mind enough to understand the universe? And why are ...

Sonia Fernandez-Vidal: Nikos journey through space and time. (From 13 years)

Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich 2013
ISBN 9783446243118, hardcover, 197 pages, 14.90 EUR
[…] Matter and antimatter, big bang and uncertainty relation, tunnel effect and teleportation. Niko is completely fascinated. But can he use his new knowledge in his own world? The…

Ralf Bönt: The discovery of light. novel

DuMont Verlag, Cologne 2009
ISBN 9783832195175, hardcover, 351 pages, 19.95 EUR
[…] The world into which he was born in 1791 is not enough for Michael Faraday. The son of a simple blacksmith lacks everything, especially the nourishment for his insatiable curiosity. Instead of ...

Dietmar Dath: Dirac. novel

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2006
ISBN 9783518418635, hardcover, 383 pages, 19.90 EUR
[…] knew all of the world's designs and yet came as close to the truth as a person can? "Dirac" tells of David's search for the truth about Paul Dirac (1902-1984), the great stranger ...

Stefan Klein: It was all coincidence. The power that determines our life

Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek 2004
ISBN 9783498035198, hardcover, 377 pages, 19.90 EUR
[…] How we can make better use of the chances of the unpredictable is explained here in an exciting and entertaining way. We built bulwarks against chaos, but escaped chance ...

Philipp Lenard: Scientific Treatises, Volume 4

GNT-Verlag, Diepholz 2003
ISBN 9783928186353, hardcover, 60 pages, 617.00 EUR
[…] had exaggerated the original work and provided it with anti-Semitic remarks. As a staunch Hitler supporter, he now believed that the increasing rejection of his ...