What is a flower made of?


Natural flowers in a meadow. With their colors, they want to attract insects for fertilization.

A flower is the colored part of a plant. A flower is actually a blossom. The seeds form in the flower.

Most flowers need insects to do the pollination. This is how seeds can then form. The flowers are colored so that they can attract the insects better.

People are also happy about flowers. That's why they also grew flowers so that they became bigger and more colorful. This breeding is called cultivation. For example, wild roses became cultivated roses.

There are flowers that contain several blooms. The poinsettia consists of several flowers. The sunflower consists of many individual flowers.

  • Such large roses are grown and not from nature.

  • A sunflower consists of many individual flowers.

  • The poinsettia is a flower with many blossoms.