What is the significance of customer complaints

Turning customer complaints into sales: 10 tips

Customer complaints are very unpleasant side effects of business life. But every company has to live with them. Because wherever action is taken, mistakes also happen. Errors can never be completely avoided, but they can be significantly reduced with qualified error management.

An important part of this is dealing with complaints. Complaints always arise from one or more mistakes, regardless of whether they exist objectively or just arise from individual perception. However, both factors can be influenced to the company's advantage.

Dealing with mistakes

Anyone who retreats to the position that mistakes cannot actually occur with them and prefers to cover them up as embarrassing mistakes is missing a great opportunity. Because errors indicate where something is wrong in the system. They can act as a regulation when they are processed.

This process can be compared to the reaction of the human body to an infection or physical wear and tear. It signals a harmful development in the form of pain. If it really hurts, everyone goes to the doctor. This will find out the cause and can usually solve the problem stop negative health development.

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Research into causes instead of repression

Why this simple rule is often ignored in business life can only be explained with the psychological constitution of the person. This has the wonderful Force of repression.

Displacement is the easiest way to deal with mistakes because it works on the subconscious level.

If a mistake does become the focus of perception, the protective barrier of the brain sets in: not being responsible yourself.

Naturally, executives find it easier to implement this protective function than employees. But precisely the forces that control a company should treat errors as what they can be: the starting point of the Root cause researchand engines for action-correctors.

Customer complaints are nothing more than the transformation of a mistake into public perception. Not the facts themselves, but the related negative image discourages most companies from dealing constructively with the complaint. There are plenty of ways to transform the unwanted fall into a brightly shining halo:

  1. Prove competence through communication
  2. Use complaint management as a contact channel
  3. Let us talk well about your complaint management
  4. Comply with internet conventions
  5. Countering early complaints
  6. Use your voice correctly on the phone
  7. Solve conflicts through clear body language
  8. A second contact person as a neutral person
  9. Flowers and champagne
  10. Recognize the benefits of ailments

Tip 1: Demonstrate competence through communication

Every complaint, whatever it may be, has the essence of it Doubts about thecompetence of the contract partner. This dwindles the basis for further business - so competence doubts must be quickly cleared up.

In very few cases help with complaints clear guarantee and service conditions further, and even if, the individual annoyance about the additional work remains with the customer. As a rule, complaints cannot be dealt with immediately - this increases doubts.

The competence of the manufacturer or provider to whom the complaint is sent must therefore be restored immediately when the complaint is received. Technical and organizational questions are not unimportant, but the main part is borne by the Communication with the customer.

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You should consider these factors when dealing with your customers:

  • Understand your customers
  • Don't start a discussion
  • Don't blame yourself
  • Don't hide behind others

Nothing is rated higher than by people understanding. We even rate a person's competence higher, the better that person understands us. This behavior when the complaint is received does not mean either the recognition of a legal claim or the clarification of the question of guilt. But the complainant recognizes you as a competent partner because you understand him and you will help him.

Tip 2: Use complaint management as a contact channel

It goes without saying that this type of communication with the customer is only possible as part of a qualified complaint management system. If after the Complaint taking If the necessary measures are not taken quickly, even the greatest understanding pose will not help.

This system also includes maintaining contact:

    • Give intermediate notices,
    • Make appointment suggestions,
    • Find out about additional services that do not cost anything.

Once the cause of the complaint has been resolved, you have one won new regular customers. Because your competence has been confirmed. Nothing convinces people more than not having deceived yourself. The customer has got used to receiving messages. Inform him about suitable products, involve him in marketing campaigns, ask him to company events.

The follow-up to an error has become the preparation of the next purchase.

Tip 3: Let people talk well about your complaint management

A customer whose complaint has resulted in a successful correction can only say good things about your company and you. Give him the opportunity to do so, for example, get recommended to his friends. Referral marketing is the most effective form of increasing sales. Expand the customer environment by posting their opinion on the company website and social forums.

If additional services really had to be provided as a result of the complaint, it is all the more important that your generous behavior is made public. Provide the local media with Reports and pictures of the respective event. If you had overspending, you can recoup it with free media advertising.

Tip 4: comply with internet practices

Complaints management is increasingly taking place online via email. Note that in these cases there are no longer any post delivery times or call times between you and the customer.The first response must be made within 24 hours of receiving the complaint - and if it's just the message that you will take care of the problem and get in touch with the customer.

Why speed is seen as proof of competence on the Internet:

Real-time is required in Web 2.0. When you are on social networks, you have to be able to react promptly. Otherwise the changes Marketing advantage in a Image damage. Anything that is not corrected within a few hours becomes the dominant opinion on the Internet. On the Internet, speed is proof of competence.

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Tip 5: counteract early complaints

"But I saw the product much cheaper from the competition!"

Every seller knows this saying, but very few are prepared for the right reaction. Anyone who turns away from such a customer makes three big mistakes:

      1. The customer is confirmed in a prejudice
      2. The customer spreads this prejudice
      3. A good sales opportunity is gone

Because actually the customer only wants his own complaint with the earlier complaint Strengthen your negotiating position.

Looking for a conversation to convince customers:

On the other hand, if the seller takes that Discussion offer on, it can provide at least three factors:

      1. The customer is introduced to further product features,
      2. The customer opinion is objectified,
      3. The seller can prove his competence

The earlier complaint is invalid and can even turn into a purchase decision.

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