What is Tiffany Co.'s business?

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. - jewelry with great appeal

Tiffany & Co. - there is hardly a woman who does not know that this name is all about jewelry. Even the small, light blue packaging in which the jewelry from Tiffany & Co. is delivered is world famous. Last but not least, the famous film scene in which Audrey Hepburn in sunglasses and evening dress is having breakfast with a coffee-to-go in front of the Tiffany window has established the cult around the American jewelry label. But Tiffany & Co. deserves this fame because the brand's designs are as legendary as they are unique. Discover the wonderful jewelry from Tiffany & Co. here at MYBESTBRANDS.

Tiffany & Co. - timeless jewelry and stunning designs

The pieces from the “Please return to Tiffany collection” have been in great demand for decades, especially the necklaces and bracelets, including pendants and charms that adorn this set, have fans all over the world. Originally it was always a heart made of silver that adorned the Tiffany & Co. engraving, now there are dozens of different variants, from oval plaques in rose gold to playful, multi-colored charms in a wide variety of shapes. But especially the diamond jewelry from Tiffany & Co. makes women's hearts beat faster. The narrow tennis bracelet set with diamonds is an iconic design and absolutely timeless. The ultimate dream, however, is an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. - the early years of an international jewelry empire

Charles Lewis Tiffany opened his jewelry, accessories and fine stationery shop in New York in 1837. He was passionate about diamonds, and when he bought almost a third of all French crown jewels at auction in the Louvre in Paris, the international press dubbed him the "King of Diamonds". He made jewels objects of longing for fashion-conscious women of the North American upper class and established the diamond ring as a symbol of eternal love. The idea of ​​the engagement ring was born, and an expensive diamond as a love note became a must for every serious marriage proposal - much to the delight of Mr. Tiffany and his jewelry empire Tiffany & Co.