How dearly Indians love MS Dhoni

IndiaFootball on the rise

Yes, football is also played and loved in the cricket country of India. From Christiano, for example. He kicks in his school team.

"I love everything about football and Christiano Ronaldo. How he looks, what his girlfriend looks like. But most of all, how he plays. He's the best."

But India does not have its own Christiano, because while India is world champion in the national sport of cricket and produces undisputed superstar cricket gods folk heroes such as Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni, Christiano's play of the games is bobbing around. With nameless players in a measly, largely unknown professional league called I-League. Novy Kapadia is one of India's most famous sports commentators. He gets to the point.

"There are simply not enough Indians who play football professionally and in an organized manner. We have to put the game on a broader footing. We need more clubs that play football professionally. Only then can we benefit from the size of our population. At the moment we stand ourselves himself in the way. "

European players go to India

Even Kushal Das, the general secretary of the Indian Football Association, is not talking about the situation nicely.

"We have no infrastructure, the climate is exhausting. There is no money, why should the boys play football? Here the parents say: school, school, school. There is no place for football. There is no sports culture. In Europe are all parents are also interested in sports - but here with us only in education and Bollywood rumors. "

And so those responsible for football in India have made a virtue out of necessity and created the "Indian Super League" to complement the existing football league. The structure is similar to the billion dollar Indian Premier League Cricket - one of the richest leagues in the world. Starting in October, eight teams, backed by Bollywood actors, cricket legends and business bosses, will play the winner in a tournament format for over two months in the new soccer super league. All eight teams also have foreign players on their team. The team from Mumbai, for example, has secured the German Manuel Friedrich, who last played for Borussia Dortmund. The French world champions David Trezeguet and Robert Pires and the former Spanish international Luis also dare the Indian Super League. Sunil Chetri, the captain of the Indian national team, is hoping for a long-term effect.

"Football is arguably the best game in the world. It's a shame that we can't keep up internationally. But we're tackling it now, even if it will take time to develop."