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How To Remove Eye Floater For Years

Floaters were in my eyes for a long time, 4 years ago I went back and forth to the ophthalmologist's doctor who had left the doctor's eye nerve and finally stopped thinking it was just thrown from one doctor to another doctor been. There is even a doctor who casually says that my right eye is deformed and cannot be cured, but I don't believe it. And now I stay with my left eye, although there are swimmers too. Please give me an enlightenment to cure or eliminate these floaters ""

Thank you Dwikiandhika Ryan Putra for the questions on the forum, eye floaters are a condition of spots that float and interfere with vision. This condition usually occurs as a result of the formation of proteins in the vitreous area. As you age, clots of proteins usually appear in these eyes, turning them into spots that interfere with your field of vision. This situation can usually occur between the ages of 50 and 75. However, this disease does not rule out the possibility of occurring in all ages. Even this condition is more common in people who have myopia or who have had cataract surgery. Aside from this condition, eye floaters can also be caused by several other conditions, such as:

- History of the eye injury

- eye infection

- eye tumor

- detached retina of the eye

- There is a deposit of crystals in the vitreous humor of the eye

- Influence of the state of diabetes

In general, mild conditions are usually not required for medical treatment. However, if this condition is very severe, laser therapy or surgery can be called a vitrectomy, in which a doctor removes the contents of the vitreous humor and replaces it with another fluid. However, this measure is of course also associated with risks that can arise for permanent vision loss such as infection, glaucoma and glaucoma. Therefore, in this situation, you should still be able to consult an ophthalmologist to make sure the condition recurs before deciding on the appropriate next action.

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Dr. Christian Chandra