What is the best website for car search

Do you need a new car?These internet pages you should know

Is it time for a new car? BILD gives tips for online research and buying.

Without the internet, nothing works when buying a car: Two years ago, 40 percent of buyers said in a survey that they would probably buy their next car online, regardless of whether it was new or used, cheap brand or luxury. The most important portals that can help with the decision:

Used car metasearch

► autouncle.de: The Danish metasearch engine collects used car advertisements from all major marketplaces. Anyone who clicks on a reference is automatically forwarded.

Advantage: Everything at once, clearly and quickly. In addition, a price evaluation shows whether the seller is asking a relatively large or small amount of money.

Disadvantage: Sometimes ads have already been deleted even though Autouncle is still running them. And not all information is transmitted, you always have to check the original advertisement.

Classic car search engine

► mobile.de and autoscout24.de: The two large marketplaces cover the used car trade in Germany almost one hundred percent. Both can be filtered very well - even special requests (seven-seaters, rare paint colors or assistants, only accident vehicles) are taken into account.

Disadvantage: If you don't filter enough, you get a long list of results. Therefore, you should definitely sort by postcode to see the closest offers.

You have to deal with the portals a little to be successful in your search.

BILD tip: First search across all marketplaces with Autouncle, then take a closer look with Mobile and Autoscout.

Protection against hidden defects

► Anyone who fears hidden defects when buying a used car can limit the risk by excluding dubious offers and old carrots. Heycar helps with this: the marketplace in which Daimler and VW are involved only has young used cars in its inventory - a maximum of eight years old and a maximum of 150,000 km on the clock.

There are currently around 400,000 cars. At marketplaces such as Mobile.de and Autoscout24 there are many used cars that are sold “only for export” because dealers want to avoid the warranty. Heycar doesn't have that.

Order new cars as desired

► The two large portals also offer new cars, but these are only relatively few stock vehicles - i.e. existing cars that, of course, cannot be changed.

If you prefer to have a brand new car fresh from the factory you can use the new car platform Carwow. You configure your car, then a non-binding inquiry is sent to all dealership partners in the area.

Shortly afterwards, the prospective buyer receives five offers from dealers in the area. Has the advantage that the way is short later in the event of any problems. The prices are a little below the list price.

Carwow was founded in Great Britain and has been selling new cars in Germany for three years

Save over 20 percent with the configurator

You save a lot of money with new car configurators like autohaus24 (like BILD, belongs to Axel Springer). Depending on the car type and brand, a price reduction of between 14 and more than 30 percent may be possible.

This works as a volume discount: The dealers connected to the platform collect inquiries in order to order in bundles - this increases the price reduction from the manufacturer.

Disadvantage: You sometimes have to wait months for the delivery date because often a certain number of vehicles have to come together for the order from the manufacturer.

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All-round view of the leasing market

► Would you prefer a leasing car? It is advisable to take a look at Vehiculum. The portal clearly shows what leasing costs - and for the first time allows a transparent price comparison across Germany and many vehicle models.

The conclusion is possible directly on the page, the company takes care of the processing and puts you in contact with the lessor.

According to its own information, the portal offers top rates in 60 percent of the comparison cases.