Is Jimin Catholic or Christian

Eternal profession Promise made - for a life in the Order

Munich - Last Sunday (April 28, 2019) the two sisters Arlette Reichel and Joanna Jimin Lee made their ordination ("Eternal Profession") in the Munich parish church of St. Ignatius. The General Leader of the Missionaries of Christ, Sr. Hildegard Schreier, accepted the promise. The service was chaired by Brother Andreas Knapp from Leipzig, a long-time friend of the community.

Sr. Arlette Reichel comes from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, from the Archdiocese of Hamburg and has lived in Leipzig for many years. She works in the Caritas family center in Leipzig / Grünau, a social hotspot. The 46-year-old also works on a voluntary basis in the Leipzig Propstei.

Freelance concert pianist

Sr. Joanna Jimin Lee is a South Korean from the Archdiocese of Taegu. She is 43 years old and came to Europe many years ago. She studied concert piano in Vienna and Salzburg. Sr. Joanna lives and works in Vienna - both in the “Quo Vadis”, a meeting and vocation center of the Austrian orders, and as a pastor within the Catholic University Community at the Vienna University of Music. In addition, she works as a freelance concert pianist.

The Missionaries of Christ are a religious community with about 140 sisters in Germany and Austria, in Congo, South Africa and Tanzania, in Brazil. The sisters live in small groups and work, for example, as educators, musicians, hospital chaplains, theologians, social workers, supervisors, and nurses. (pm / kas)