What point should a good government have

What has the government done well and what has not done so well?


Austria's government announced the first easing - time for an interim balance sheet on the subject of coronavirus: How good has the crisis management been so far? Discuss with us!

"As much freedom as possible, as much restriction as necessary" is the motto of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) for the coming weeks and months. It is impossible that there will be a return to pre-Corona times in the near future - because first a vaccine has to be found, but how has the turquoise-green coalition fared so far?

Editor-in-chief deals with crisis management Rainer Nowak not just regularly in his daily corona briefing. He also wrote a decision-making analysis for Kurz. “Kurz asks, Kurz calls, Kurz listens,” writes Nowak. And explains why he reacted hard and now propagates perseverance.

"Tu felix Austria, open your palace gardens": With this title, the head of domestic affairs commented Oliver Pinklast week the situation. His conclusion: if you compare Austria with other countries, there is little to complain about. (By the way: The federal gardens in Vienna are now open again).

"As well as the government recognized the crisis at the beginning, so sloppy is its handling of the law," says meanwhile Philipp Aichinger in an editorial. He would like there to be more legal clarity for the population.

There is a lot of criticism from Georg Kapsch, Head of the Federation of Industrialists. In a guest commentary, he not only thinks of the economy: "Is it responsible to run into human, democratic and financial suicide as a whole continent, because you only think one-dimensionally and act in the same way?" Asks Kapsch. And further: "Are we dying with or from Corona?"

Also cross writers Christian Ortner warns in its weekly column against "stubbornly pursuing what is supposedly ethical". Because that could have consequences that we don't even think about today.

Anneliese Rohrer focuses in her column on the lessons we can learn for the future. A key point: "Decisions should be made less on the basis of party-political aspects." Because that would now take revenge.


Discuss with: What did the government do right and what wrong? What lessons can we learn from this? Are there any countries that did better than Austria? Have we survived the worst - or is it yet to come? And: How are you after more than a month of exit restrictions?