We are obliged to love our country

politics : "I love our country"

The new president almost did not have his say, as Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse, who chaired the Federal Assembly, was in such a hurry. We are printing excerpts from Horst Köhler's speech.

“Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I thank all the members of the Federal Assembly who have elected me for their trust. And I want to convince those who did not vote for me through my work.

I want to be Federal President of all Germans and a President for all people who live here. (...) For me personally, the decision of the Federal Assembly is a really very moving moment. After six years abroad, I return to my homeland with a feeling of joy and gratitude. Germany gave me a lot. I would like to give something back from that. I love our country.

You are probably all now expecting me to speak of reforms. In fact, I think a fundamental renewal of our country is necessary and overdue. And as a trained economist (...) I cannot spare you the observation that I am worried about the state of the German economy, jobs and social security in our country. I also see new, unacceptable divisions in our society. (...)

Indeed, the world is in a state of profound upheaval. (...) Germany has to fight for its place in the world of the 21st century. (...) yes, in my office I will urge more determination, energy and consistency in economic and social policy reforms. But I hope I will not disappoint anyone today if I put a completely different question first, namely the question: What does Germany want to be in the 21st century, what can it be, and where does this country want to be. (...)

Germany is too slow for me on its way into the knowledge society. But my dream goes on. Germany should become a land of ideas. (...) That is definitely something different from being overconfident and overconfident. Germany, a land of ideas, is what I imagine is curiosity and experimentation. This is courage, creativity and a desire for new things in all areas of life, without excluding the old and the old. These are new founding years. That is also the power to deal with setbacks. (...)

Children are bridges to the world of tomorrow. How must we all strive to become a family and child-friendly society. And for this we need specific answers to certain questions, for example: How do we manage to recognize parenting work? How can it be possible (...) to better combine family and work? What are children worth to us? (...) But we also have to find a concrete answer to the question of what older people are worth to us. To win the future, we also need its experience and wisdom. We have to work on friendship between the generations now. (...)

Germany has the power to change. (...) This power lies in people. Your ideas are the wealth of our country. In order for this power to unfold, we need to overcome fear and regain self-confidence. We can make a lot possible in Germany. But to do this we first have to trust ourselves more. And we have to trust more in the power of freedom again. It was this force with which the people in the east of our fatherland brought the seemingly insurmountable wall to collapse 15 years ago. One of the greatest moments in our history and also a constant commitment for us to truly realize the inner unity.

(...) to strengthen the power of freedom, to make sure that things are fair in Germany and to help us become a land of ideas, I want to stand up for this and ask for everyone to participate. I greet all compatriots near and far, our neighbors in Europe and our friends in the world. God bless our country. Many Thanks."

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