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Indian airline IndiGo brings Airbus billions in sales with mega-order

The Indian airline IndiGo has ordered 250 copies of the A320neo. This brought the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus the largest single order in the company's history. The first copies of the brand new model should be delivered at the end of 2015.

With a market share of around 30 percent, IndiGo is India's largest airline. It has ordered 250 Airbus A320neo aircraft that use up to 15 percent less fuel.

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The Indian airline IndiGo is already one of Airbus' loyal major customers: it had already placed an order for 180 aircraft of the A320 series in 2011, and a further 100 aircraft are currently almost completely delivered.

IndiGo has now ordered another 250 Airbus A320neo. The contractual partners did not comment on the purchase price. The list price for the 250 new orders is just under 19.8 billion euros, writes the aviation portal - volume discount not included.

The Airbus A320 series has been on the market since 1988. Since then, almost 11,000 aircraft of this type have been sold and a good 6,200 have already been delivered. This means that the medium-haul aircraft with a maximum capacity of 220 seats, depending on the cabin design, is one of the best-selling aircraft in the world. The new A320neo variant, which IndiGo has ordered, is to be delivered from 2015.

A320neo with improved technology on board

Neo stands for New Engine Option: The model has more modern engines than its predecessors. In addition, the latest A320 edition is getting so-called Sharklets - upward-pointing wing tips that reduce the induced drag of the wings. The new wing ends, together with the improved engines, should make the machine use up to 15 percent less fuel and correspondingly less CO2 to let produce. The aircraft manufacturer promises that the modifications will also have a positive impact on range and payload.

The upward pointing wing ends of the A320neo, together with the improved engines, should lead to a fuel saving of 15 percent.

Source: dpa

In the first nine months of the year, Airbus accepted orders for a total of 1,062 aircraft. All locations across Europe benefit from the good order situation. In addition to France, Airbus also has plants in Great Britain, Spain and, last but not least, Germany. Of the more than 69,000 employees worldwide, around a third work in Germany - just as many as in France.

The market situation in India is currently favorable for aircraft manufacturers

With a market share of around 30 percent, IndiGo is currently India's largest airline. Indian airspace is hotly contested: In addition to IndiGo, the companies Jet Airways and Air India are also fighting over passengers. There is also further competition from AirAsia. All of this leads to competitive prices with which the airlines are currently flying in an average loss of 17.50 euros per passenger. For Airbus and its competitor Boeing, this currently means a high sales opportunity for their machines, as the airlines involved are expanding their fleets on a large scale.

There is a threat of overcapacity

However, according to experts, expect that at least one of the competitors will fall by the wayside and that the others will not need as many aircraft as currently ordered. This does not only affect India: Overall, a large part of the industry believes that the aircraft industry will have to struggle with overcapacity in four years at the latest - increasing production to keep up with current orders must therefore be done with caution. According to, Airbus plans with 46 monthly units of the A320, which should be achieved in 2016, while competitor Boeing is relying on 52 monthly units for the comparable model 737. Airbus expects to be able to sell up to 15,000 aircraft of the A320neo in the next 20 years.


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