What are the sexiest songs ever created

1. Madonna - "Justify My Love"

Of course, the video for “Justify My Love” shows exactly those pictures with which Madonna caused a sensation more than once in her erotic phase. MTV then quickly removed the clip from their program due to its explicit depiction of BDSM and bisexuality. But the song co-written by Lenny Kravitz has it all. Driven by trip-hop sounds and a, well, throbbing beat, Madonna sings: "I wanna be your baby / M-m-m-m ... y-e-a-h ... / Wanting needing waiting / For you to justify my love". The beginning of adult pop.

2. Lil Louis - "French Kiss"

It is, of course, a mystery how this dirty little song, made up almost entirely of porn moans (taken straight from an '80s dirty flick), became a hit in the UK. At least in the first few seconds, the house track doesn’t give an idea of ​​its later urgency and seems involuntarily funny today.


3. Donna Summer - "Love To Love You, Baby"

"Do it to me again and again / You put me in such an awful spin": The "TIME" magazine called this pompous number by Donna Summer, written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, among others, as a "marathon of 22 orgasms". Of course, all interviewers at the time just shyly wanted to know what the atmosphere was like in the studio. Summer honestly: “Everyone’s asking,“ Were you alone in the studio? ”Yes, I was alone in the studio. 'Did you touch yourself? ‘Yes, well, actually I had my hand on my knee. 'Did you fantasize on anything? ‘Yes, on my handsome boyfriend Peter."


4. 2 Live Crew - "Me So Horny"

Guess which film the controversial rap band 2 Live Crew got their title from! No, not from “Body Of Evidence”, “Tokyo Decadence” or “Deep Throat”. The line comes from “Full Metal Jacket”, “Oh, me so horny. Me love you long time. ”(The Kubrick war film is already deep in Vietnam.) The song is not really sexy, the lyrics are either too cheesy or too chauvinistic. But still he made a career on MTV and Co. and was played in pretty much every strip club from Berlin to Brooklyn.

5. TLC - "Red Light Special"

Of course, as a girl group, TLC have always been a bit more adult than their female colleagues. But with “Red Light Special” they gained the reputation of real sex experts. The seductive song is a thoroughly sensual guide on how to do it right: “I'll let you go further / If you take the southern route / Don't go too fast / Don't go too slow / You've got to let your body flow / I like 'em attentive / And I like' em in control. "

6. Led Zeppelin - "Whole Lotta Love"

Robert Plant lets all sexual energy out of the bag here: “Whole Lotta Love - with its orgasmic earthquake during the middle section - is perhaps the most hyperpotent song that has ever been on the radio. "A-way, way down inside / I'm gonna give ya my love / I'm gonna give ya every inch of my love / I'm gonna give ya my love," sings Plant and the band used someone else sweaty ditty - "You Need Loving" from Small Faces. However, the blues legend Willie Dixon had also struck. In the end there was a rather unotic plagiarism dispute for Led Zeppelin. But this could never seriously jeopardize the success of “Whole Lotta Love”.

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