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Do you know that too? Holidays are so nice, but the journey there in a tight plane can be very tiring. When we flew to America again in 2010 after a 10 year break, we were very happy when we landed again. The outward journey was still possible, after all, we were looking forward to the holidays that lay ahead of us. On the return flight, however, with heights of 1.75 m and 1.85 m, sleep was hardly to be thought of.

Since we really wanted to see the west of the USA, we had to find a solution. The surcharge for a business flight, which we saw on the airline's website, was definitely too high for us. However, she also advertised her airline miles program on the same page. Since we only fly on vacation once a year, we thought at first that it would not be worth it for us. But you thought wrong, because there are almost countless other ways to collect airline miles. And very few of them have anything to do with flying.

Since then this has almost become a hobby. We collect as much as we can ... and have therefore been able to fly the last few trips in business class. It was definitely worth collecting.

Many airlines offer the option of booking an upgrade with the miles you have earned or even flying almost free of charge. If you want to get infected by the collector bug, I have put together some links and tips for you on how you can get closer to your upgrade or free flight.
Incidentally, miles collected are valid for 36 months with Miles & More.

Step 1: Registration for an airline miles program

Miles & More => airline miles program of Swiss, Lufthansa, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, United, US Airways and various other airlines.
The full list of participating airlines can be found on the Miles & More homepage.

Step 2: Registration for other free point collection programs

Supercard => The Supercard is the customer card from Coop (Switzerland). There are regular promotions with multiple and additional points. as soon as you
If you have accumulated 7,500 (order number 159009) or 10,000 points (order number 159010), you can use them in a ratio of 2: 1 in
Exchange Miles & More airline miles.

Payback => Payback is a large bonus program in Germany. Points can be collected on-site or online and in a ratio of 1: 1 in
Miles & More airline miles can be exchanged. There are regular promotions with multiple and additional points. The program can also be from
Persons residing outside of Germany can be used.
Local partners include Aral, DM, Galeria Kaufhof, real, -, Alnatura, Apollo Optik, Depot, Linda Apotheke, Tee Gschwender and WMF.
These partners also issue the trading cards, which must be shown when making a purchase. You get the cards on
Ask in one of these branches or for a new online registration.
You can collect points online in a very large selection of online shops. This is possible, for example, on ebay, Amazon, Tchibo,
and Zalando. The condition is that the shop pages are called up via the Payback page.
A full list of on-site and online partners can be found on the Payback homepage.

3rd step: Further collecting possibilities

Credit cards => Another way to collect miles in everyday life is to pay with an appropriate credit card. However, these cards cause
a recurring annual fee. There are regular promotions with welcome miles, and depending on the card, renewal miles as well.
Another advantage of Miles & More credit cards is that the airline miles collected do not expire if they are used regularly.
Credit card Switzerland: Miles & More credit card from Swisscard or Miles & More credit card from Cornercard
Credit card Germany: Miles & More credit card from Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Credit card Austria: Miles & More credit card from DCBank

Step 4: Redeem

Air miles can be exchanged for either upgrades or flights. However, for flights you have to pay the flight fees. Unfortunately, not every flight can be booked as a mile flight. The airlines only make a certain contingent available for such flights. So if you want to book two business class flights to San Francisco, it is advisable to book the flights early, preferably several months before your travel date. If the booking is too tight, the chance is unfortunately high that you will only receive flights with stopovers or no more flights at all.
On the page below you will find more information about bookings and how many miles you need for which destination.

Flight booking Miles & More