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IAP training program

The "Internal Audit Practitioner" qualification was developed to support new internal auditors in their first step on the path to professional qualification. Participants are introduced to the core elements of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and International Standards. It also offers non-academics access to the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) if the required professional experience is still missing.

The special IAP training program was developed to make it easier for newcomers, lateral entrants, rotands, students and other interested parties to start working as an internal auditor. Participation in the IAP training program is Not Precondition for taking the IAP exam. However, it gradually introduces the participants to basic knowledge and international standards in an intensive learning mode. In this way, you will be optimally prepared for the Internal Audit Practitioner exam.

After completing and successfully completing the IIA exam for the IAP, you can start the CIA or you must then register for the CIA within three years of obtaining the title of Internal Audit Practitioner. The validity of the IAP expires three years after successfully taking the exam.

The training program is in English languageon-line carried out. Together with other international participants, you will go through an 8-week program or, alternatively, a 14-day intensive course.

On the following pages you can read how you can take part in the training program for the IAP, what content is trained, how and what support you will receive in it, as well as the dates and costs of the program.

You can also read the contents and structures of the program on the website of the British IIA chapter, which is responsible for the training program.

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