Can fight Jackie Chan

In order to intensify his knowledge of this Chinese Kung Fu system, he visited Great Grandmaster Leung Ting, the world chief trainer of the WingTsun system, which with over 2000 schools is also very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Jackie Chan, made so popular by the fact that all of his stunts and film fights are performed by him personally, has been an avid martial artist from a young age.

Naturally, he also wanted to learn more about the WingTsun system, which is becoming increasingly popular with its spread in over 60 countries, and was therefore a guest at the international headquarters of the IWTA (International WingTsun Association) on May 11, 2000.

During his visit, he interviewed an American television station and took a series of action photos for future cartoon films and computer games.

When he was being interviewed at the Hong Kong headquarters, he asked Grand Master Leung Ting, in the presence of the reporters and photographers, to teach him some WingTsun wooden puppet techniques for future films.

Jackie Chan showed himself to be so talented in movement that after just 10 minutes he was able to demonstrate the difficult WingTsun movements on the wooden dummy in a “film-appropriate” manner.

Jackie Chan is excited about the WT because not only is it the most practical style of kung fu, but it also offers the viewer unique, smooth movements like no other style!

If you want to find out more about Jackie Chan's new martial art, you can contact the European WingTsun Organization (EWTO) Tel. +49 6221 7262600 in Germany.

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